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7 Money Saving Beauty Tips



Credit crunches, recessions… we’re all feeling the pinch at the moment, but every girl will tell you that the last thing that she would compromise on is her appearance. If you’re anything like me you would live on baked beans for a month rather than give up your monthly visit to the hair salon. I don’t want to live on beans though (think of the smell!) so here are some handy tips for saving money on your beauty regime, which your hair, skin, and most importantly your Bank balance will find agreeable.

Tip 1: Get Rid of Those Bags Under Your Eyes

It’s such a clichéd image, but you really can use cucumber to get rid of puffy eyes. Place on each eyelid when you wake up in the morning and the fluid around your eyes will drain away. No need to spend any more money on expensive eye creams.

Tip 2: Look for 2-in-1 Products

Using a shampoo and conditioner? It goes without saying that if you buy a 2-in-1 product you are going to save yourself a tidy sum. Think outside the box a little and you will find plenty of other examples of multi-purpose products, such as tinted moisturizers and foundations with sunblock.

Tip 3: Look For Free Samples

If you are not loyal to any particular magazine, then look for the ones which have the best free samples each month and buy them. You’ll quickly build up a tidy stash of freebies.

Tip 4: Use a Deep Conditioning mask

This might seem a bit of an odd one as a good deep conditioning mask will normally set you back around £20 ($30 to my American friends), but bear with me…

Using a deep conditioning mask will greatly improve the condition of your hair and mean you won’t have to use a normal conditioner as part of your daily routine. It could also mean fewer trips to the salon as you can grow those long locks you crave without worrying about them becoming a dry, frizzy mess. You would normally use a conditioning mask once a week and a tub should last you around 6 months, so for 76p a week you can greatly improve the condition of your hair.

Tip 5: Go For a Colour Extending Shampoo

And talking of cutting down your visits to the salon, if you have your hair colored then you really should be buying a color extending shampoo. It might seem like an expensive purchase, but on average using a specialty shampoo, such as Redken Colour Extend, will extend the life of your color by around 2 weeks and mean you need at least 2 less colors per year. If you work out that the average cost of color (excluding cut) is around £50 and a good quality shampoo will cost you around £15 and the last 6 months, that’s a sweet saving of £70 a year!

Tip 6 – Use Hair Straighteners For Curling And Styling

It used to be that to create different styles you would need curling tongs, straighteners, and possibly rollers, but these days a good quality set of straighteners, such as the ghd Gold Styler (RRP £119), will curl and style just as easily as it straightens. Again, it’s worth investing the money upfront on a good quality straightener as it will last you years and save you having to visit the salon for expensive updos and blow drys, as you will be able to create the styles at home yourself.

Tip 7 – Drink Plenty of Water

I know, I know! You’re fed up hearing how you should drink more water, but getting your daily intake of at least 2 liters will work wonders for your skin. The more hydrated your body is, the more water it can allocate to your skin, so drinking more water will mean you can cut down on moisturizer.

Moisturizing creams = expensive
Water = free

It’s a no brainer!

So, that’s my top tip for saving money on your beauty regime. Do you have any more recession-busting beauty tips you would like to share?