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Hair Extensions: Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair



Hair extensions are available in many different forms, such as weft, clip-in, and pre-bonded, but also in different hair types – synthetic, human hair, and Remy hair.

The advantages of having real hair extensions usually far outweigh the advantages of synthetic hair; however, there are many benefits to each type of hair, which is outlined below.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is the cheapest type of hair extensions, so this is beneficial for those on a particular budget. Some brands have synthetic hair mixed with human hair, which gives it a more natural look, and often they have been made with a heat resistant fiber so that they can still be styled with a low heat. One of the main drawbacks of synthetic hair is that it cannot be colored. Therefore you have to get a perfect match for it to blend in with your hair.

When styling, as long as it is heat resistant fiber, synthetic hair can hold a style extremely well. Curls can last a long time compared to human hair. They can also be a little thicker than real hair, too, so you get more volume.

 100% Human Hair

100% human hair is the most popular type of hair extensions. It blends in naturally with real hair and can be styled, cut, and dyed just like natural hair (however, the correct hair products must be used).  When washing real hair extensions, the hair tends to dry similarly as your hair, with natural ‘kinks,’ however, with synthetic hair, it will dry straight, making your real hair stand out, and the extensions will look unnatural.

Human hair can also be colored if the hair extensions do not entirely match your hair. This is in particular beneficial for those who have various colored highlights in their natural hair, and who may find it difficult to match one color too.

 Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are made from the highest grade of human hair. With Remy hair, it is cut in the same direction and also with the hair cuticles still intact. This means that the hair is stronger, shinier, and durable. As the hair is collected in one course, keeping track of the natural route, it means the cuticle is always going in one direction – the same as natural hair on your head. This means that it is less likely to tangle. It is also easier to style Remy hair as it keeps its elasticity longer.

As you can see, there are many types of hair extensions, each with their benefits depending on your needs.