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Why It’s Never Too Late: Adult Braces



When we think of braces, where do our minds go? Some may first think of Sid from Toy Story, with a mouth full of metal blowing up toys. Others may go to Darla on Finding Nemo, with braces and headgear visiting her uncle at the dentist. While Disney and society may have skewed our perception of braces, don’t forget that when it comes to braces, adults can get them too.

It’s never too late for an adult to get braces. Are you sick of smiling with your mouth closed for fear of showing off a row of crooked teeth but equally worried that when you get braces you will have to use that same closed mouth smile for fear that braces will look goofy on a 45-year-old man? It’s a tough cycle, but one that can be broken. Today many adults are getting braces, there’s a wide variety available. If you need braces, don’t hesitate; take advantage of what’s out there.

Everybody’s doing it

What we really need now is a book called Everybody Gets Braces. Ok so many, not everybody, we may have to modify it to A Lot of People Get Braces, but you get the point. Braces are something that lasts such a short time, yet the effects can influence the rest of your life. Don’t be ashamed of your smile; get braces no matter how old you are.

There are two types of adults getting braces today. The type that had them when they were younger, yet “forgot” to wear their retainers until their teeth slowly moved back to their original spots over the years. You may want to kick yourself with anger for letting this happen, but don’t let it influence the rest of your life. Remember how great it felt to show off that unbelievably straight smile? Get that feeling back. Don’t be ashamed, getting braces as an adult is ok. This time when it’s all finished just remember to wear your retainers.

Some adults have gone their whole life with their teeth set in the same place. I’m not talking about the lucky ones who somehow were gifted with perfectly straight teeth from the time their last baby tooth fell out. I’m talking about the adults who have been living with a full line of crooked teeth or have large overbites or even the ones with a little gap between the front two teeth. You are the ones who need to find the best orthodontist and fast. Here’s what will happen with life after braces:

  • You will never stop smiling
  • Confidence and self-esteem will go through the roof
  • Although you will no longer be able to spit water through the large gap between your front teeth, this is a risk worth taking

Don’t be ashamed or feel like you are the only one older than fifteen with braces, many adults are gaining confidence in their smile by visiting an experienced orthodontist.

Types of braces

Traditionally we think of braces as being large hunks of metal plastered to each tooth seeming to shout out to every passing person “look at me!” Today that isn’t the only form of braces. If you’re an adult looking to get braces without being noticed, there are now more options than ever before.

The ceramic braces still have the traditional braces look but without the bold metal look. Each link is made out of clear material, less visible than the gold or silver links. They are a popular choice for adults looking to get all the best of braces, without the attention they have been known to bring.

Invisalign is becoming increasingly more popular over other forms of braces. It is the only type that is removable and invisible. If you are putting off getting braces because you just can’t stop eating popcorn, Invisalign has you covered. Just pop out the aligners and eat whatever you want, then stick them right back in and let them go to work straightening your smile. Invisalign is perfect for adults who don’t wish to wear braces while eating, yet are responsible enough to remember to put them back in.

Don’t live with the ridicule, the shame, whatever you are feeling, it can all be avoided with braces. Talk to an orthodontist; find out the options you have. It’s never too late to perfect your smile. The confidence you gain will be worth it all.