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Cupid Is Rubbish, Fire Your Own Arrows and Gain Confidence



Just like people, empowerment comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Looking after yourself both on the inside and on the outside can have a remarkable effect on your self-esteem and confidence, thus allowing you to take advantage of more opportunities.

Life is a Rollercoaster

How you feel about yourself fluctuates as time passes and you can experience life’s ups and downs in rapid succession.  Hiding behind a self-constructed facade can sometimes ease the pressure and give others the impression that you are the most confident person in the room.  The confident version of yourself can be nattering away whilst secretly you are feeling less confident than you’d like to admit.  Having low self-esteem can range from not valuing yourself as you should, to small issues such as not feeling particularly amazing one evening.  Other people may see how brilliant you are but this is not a view you can subscribe to yourself.  This may paint a bit of a bleak picture but don’t panic, it is about to get a whole lot better!  There are ways and means to begin building self-esteem and ensure you feel as good as you should.

I’m Sexy and I (Very Nearly) Know it

If you feel brilliant on the inside, this will most likely be reflected on the outside too.  This means that perceiving yourself as being worthy of the spotlight means everyone else will see this too.  There a few notions which could be the starting point to gaining more confidence.  Chatting about your problems with friends or loved ones can help drastically.  It may be hard to get those first few words out but once you get going, you will start to feel a whole lot better.  Identifying what your issues are and addressing those means that they will, hopefully, fade into obscurity where they belong.

Of course, while you are pretty good, everyone makes mistakes from time to time and there is nothing wrong with this.  Learning to deal with disappointment is part of life, as long as you take the time to appreciate what you have done right too.  It works the other way too; feeling confident about how you look may help begin the process of alleviating confidence issues.

Dressing in a confident way means you walk differently and interact with people in a more confident manner.  Changing your appearance in a subtle way to give you more confidence can help you on the road to banishing self-esteem issues and have you striding around the office.  If you do go down this route, ensure you choose professionals with knowledge and experience to look after you.  If one of these options feels like the starting point for you, the results may just give you the opportunity to show your true potential.