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Don’t Let Winters Steal Your Skin’s Softness



Winter is already here, and we are experiencing the harsh chill that this season brings. Dry, dull, burning skin is a common complaint during winter. Even those with oily skin lose moisture from their skin making it dry and sore. For those with dry skin, special, proactive efforts need to be taken to prevent their skin from getting cracked completely.

Tips to Manage Dry Skin During Winter:

•    For treating your cracked sore lips during winter, Vaseline lip therapy is the simplest and the cheapest solution. A range of flavors like Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, and rose will leave your lips with a soft, wet, and healthy feeling.

•    Aloe Vera is the most nutritious food for your skin. The softness, suppleness, and vitality that it gives to your skin are unbeatable. Our skin is moist during summer, but during winter, it becomes as dry as the desert land.  You need to be lavish in your usage of cold creams as a little amount won’t do you any good.  Apply a moisturizing lotion or cream several times a day. Applying after bath time is the most beneficial as it is absorbed the most. Also, make sure you apply them at night before going to sleep.

•    Take large volumes of your winter cream or lotion and slather on your skin. Make sure your hands and feet are treated well because these are the areas most susceptible to dryness and flakiness during winters.  Moreover, hands and feet are constantly exposed, hence lose moisture easily. Frequent hand washing also has the same effect.

•    Avoid washing your hands with an alkaline soap as it strips your skin of the little moisture that winter skin has. Try Aquaderm Aquabar Aqueous Cream Cleansing Bar. It is specially formulated for sensitive dry skin conditions and for those allergic to conventional soaps. It is free from soap, detergents, alkalis, colorants, fragrances, or preservatives. It contains just pure aqueous cream in the form of a bar. It moisturizes your skin well and doesn’t snatch away skin’s essential oils.

•    You urinate frequently during winters. Thus, you lose a lot of water causing dehydration in your system. This affects your skin too. Drink water frequently and eat foods that have high water content to stay hydrated. Soups are a great way to remain full, hydrated, and warm during cold winter months.

•    You may feel an urge to take a long hot shower or soak yourself for hours in a hot bathtub. However, this will only dehydrate your skin further. Keep bath time shorter and treat your skin with cool water after that. This will minimize the loss of moisture from your skin.

•    Many individuals have extremely sensitive skin. Dry skin only serves to exacerbate their condition. Such individuals are more prone to developing skin conditions like eczema during winter months. Try Aveeno Cream which has the power of oatmeal to manage dry skin. It moisturizes skin, cleanses dry skin, and soothes dry irritated skin. Aveeno products are ideal for sensitive skin. They are free from fragrances that cause allergies. Purity is the USP of Aveeno products.

•    Do not sleep in air-conditioned rooms as they zap moisture from your skin. Even sleeping with heaters on will make your skin dry as rooms with heaters have only 10% moisture.

•    Scrub your skin to remove the trash of dead cells. Only then your moisturizer gets absorbed well.

•    Dab some night cream under your skin so that you do not wake up looking groggy with bags of skin under your eyes in the morning. A well-moisturized skin looks firm and fresh in the morning. Dry skin is also more prone to developing wrinkles.  You can also apply some almond oil at night. Your skin will look soft and young in the morning.