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When You Know You’ve Experienced Enough Back Pain



Back pain is one of those medical maladies that encompasses a wide range of conditions, from the relatively benign to the terribly severe. Some may experience back pain from sleeping in an awkward position, and others might be suffering from crippling back spasms or other incapacitating pain. There is a difference between the types of back pain suffered in typical verses severe cases. Here are a few of the circumstances under which you should seek the help of a back specialist in NYC and the surrounding locations as soon as possible.

First, the signs of sciatica, a condition in which a spinal disc has protruded from its regular position and has pressed against the nearby nerves, can indicate any of a number of serious underlying conditions that should never be ignored. Signs of sciatica include pain on one side of the buttocks or legs that worsens when seated, pain that makes walking or moving a certain leg difficult, or weakness, numbness, or a burning sensation throughout the affected leg or posterior area. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, we urge you to see a back pain specialist right away.

Both age and injury can have a negative effect on the spinal discs, which can result in one or both of the following conditions appearing over time. Degenerative disc disease is characterized by the weakening and cracking of the vertebrae, forcing these pieces to rub together, and eventually pinching the spinal nerves in the process. A back specialist should immediately be contacted if you experience lower back pain that radiates to the hips or legs, particularly if accompanied by back spasms, as these are the hallmarks of this affliction. A herniated disc, by contrast, occurs when a vertebral disc cracks, tears, or bulges out of place. This can put pressure on the sciatic nerves with symptoms as described above with degenerative disc disease. Again, this type of pain should never be dismissed and is generally easier to treat the earlier it is detected.

Spinal infections are another fairly common – albeit severe – source of lower back pain. This type of infection generally occurs when transferred via the blood supply from one part of the body to the spinal column, and can rage throughout the spine if left unchecked. Because this can cause permanent and incapacitating pain if untreated, make sure that any severe spinal pain that causes you to modify your daily tasks and habits is viewed by a back specialist in NYC or the surrounding areas in order to receive proper treatment as soon as possible.