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It’s Time To Change Your Dentist When…..



Let’s face it, nobody particularly likes going to the dentist but it is an essential part of looking after your body and making sure you are in good health. A few recent studies have concluded that there may be a link between cardiovascular health and oral hygiene which has put extra emphasis on making sure you treat your teeth like you do the rest of your body.

With this being the case, it is important that you are seeing a dentist regularly for check-ups and contacting them at the first sign of any problems. But how do you know if your dentist is doing everything they can to help you? Most people have a dentist that they have been seeing for a number of years that they trust totally but others may want to think about finding a new one if any of these things occur.

They Make No Attempt To Put You At Ease – It is arguably a big part of a dentist’s job to put their patients at ease from the start. Even seasoned dentistry patients will no doubt feel a little bit nervous about sitting in the dreaded chair and so the dentist should show empathy and make them feel more relaxed. If your dentist offers no soothing words and no calming tones then you may want to find someone that does.

They Only Offer One Solution – Even though any advice that you are given from a dentist will be in your best interest, you should never feel like you are being pressured into anything. If you require a course of treatment or any invasive work, there should always be more than one option on the table. A dentist may give you their opinion as to which option they recommend by you should always feel as though there is a choice.

They Fob You Off Without Examination – Whatever the problem is the chances are that if it has caused you to seek a dentist’s opinion, it will be a big deal to you. Therefore your dentist should treat the problem in this manner also and not look for a quick solution. A good dentist will give you a thorough examination to find the route of the problem and then instruct you on how to resolve it.

They See No Need For A Specialist – Sometimes your trip to the dentist may result in you needing specialist work done. For example, you may need some orthodontics work or some implants fitted. Although it may seem like this could easily be carried out by your dentist, it can be a very different type of dentistry and requires a lot more training to be able to perform such procedures. If it turns out you do need treatment like this, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion from a specialist.

They Are Too Focused On Product Sales – A lot of dentists will try to sell you some specific products during your visits such as toothpaste or brushes but this should never be their main focus. It is normal to recommend a certain product that they think will help you out with your oral health but if you are hit with the sales pitch as soon as you walk in it may be time to find a dentist who’s more concerned with teeth than sales.