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Hypnotherapy Landed Me in the Dentist Chair



One of my major flaws is that I am scared stiff of the dentist.  I should change that to ‘I was scared’ as I now have the problem under control.  I have suffered with painful teeth for many years, choosing to try and grin and bear the pain over getting things sorted out.  It’s a huge regret of mine, but I was so scared I couldn’t even phone a dentist let along go and sit in their chair and have one poke around in my mouth.

I was Embarrassed of My Smile

After many years of trying to solve my own teeth issues, using temporary fillings and pain killers, I finally decided I had to do something. My daughter was picking up my fear, and I didn’t want her to end up with broken back teeth and discoloration like me.  That’s not all though, one of my old fillings I had put in as a child fell out, and it left me with a hole in one of my teeth, which could be seen when I smiled. The last thing I wanted was to lose the tooth and have a happy smile. So I started to look at my options.

I found a place where I could have hypnotherapy to see if it could help solve my problem.  A friend of mine recently had hypnotherapy for her issue, and it worked incredibly well, so I felt it was worth a shot.  I was able to have one session, and the change was remarkable. I am not going to say I loved the idea all of a sudden because I don’t. However, I am now able to go and sit in the chair and have work done without freaking out, an incredible step forward, especially as I have a fair bit of work to get done.

Positive Change Benefiting My Family

Since the hypnosis, I have had a few visits, and I leave feeling more confident after each one.  I think that my smile is gradually improving, and it’s good to know my rotten back teeth have been removed, solving my problem with bad breath! It’s not embarrassing to kiss my husband anymore, and it feels fantastic not to be embarrassed or shy of my mouth.  Even better news is that my daughter can now come to the dentist with me, and seeing me face my fears has helped her attitude to the six-monthly trips too.