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Dentist Advice for Overall Health



How to take care of the children’s teeth

If you are constantly run down or tired, it could be an uphill battle to function normally. It is important to visit your doctor and dentist any time symptoms persist.

If you have Crohn’s disease you may hear that there is no cure for your illness.  But ask your doctor if you are only being treated for the symptoms. Chances are they are not looking at the entire picture.

But there are some things you can do to put your health in check.

Eat Well

Make sure you are exercising and eating well. Any time your body is run down it is necessary to take extra steps to take care of yourself. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Ask Questions

There are many types of diseases that start with proper misdiagnoses. If you are in pain and your doctor doesn’t give you the answers you want, try visiting your dentist. This is what one patient did and they found out that their pain was tied to a jaw problem.

Chronic pain and disease can cause many problems.

Your dentist will tell you that gluten can cause Crohn’s disease. Most doctors or surgeons will not tell you this.  But a Dentist can get to the bottom of some health issues. But until you ask questions you can not get answers. Ask a lot of questions.

Muscle Test

Muscle testing (kinesiology) can dictate if you have a gluten allergy. figuring out what your body needs.

After a quick learning curve, you can discover that you may have a food allergy. By eliminating that food you will be free of pain.

Your dentist can often see what is happening in your body before you ever need a doctor.

Food sensitivity is a common cause of severe illness, and pain.

If you want more information about your health ask questions and visit your dentist. Practice self-care.

Wellness is not just about drinking green drinks and doing yoga, it requires medical and dental principles to help heal the body. Each principle will always affect the other.

If you suffer from pain, consider visiting a holistic dentist. They take their practice very seriously and consider all principals at hand.

For example, there are negative effects of mercury/amalgam fillings and removing them from your mouth may help.

Proper nutrition should play a key role in your health, exercise, sleep and rest is just as important for a healthy body as it is a healthy smile.

The best dentists teach their patients that the health of our teeth goes far beyond cavities and bleeding gums; your mouth affects our entire body.

The important part of your oral health is not to just fix the symptoms such as cavities and bleeding gums, but to sustain the health of your entire body, this will benefit the mouth and vice versa.

Sustainable Dentistry is a process that follows the laws of nature to help heal the patient’s mouth and the body as a whole.

The mouth is an indicator and the gateway to a patients’ overall health. The human mouth will always show the symptoms of disease way before anyone can see it in the rest of the body. The best dentists recognize this and they practice this type of care for patients.