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Do You Need a Holistic Dentist? 4 Things to Consider



Do you need a holistic dentist? 4 things to consider

The differences between a holistic dentist and traditional may not seem like a lot. But there are a few distinctions that separate one from the other. While all dentists focus on a patient’s oral care through brushing, flossing and checkups, a holistic dentist will present knowledge as to the benefits of good oral care and ways it can impact a person’s overall health and wellness. The following are 4 things to consider when looking into a holistic dentist.

Focus on the Entire Body

Although drugs can prove beneficial in treating ailments, some people are looking to more holistic approaches such as taking turmeric to ease the pain of arthritis. If you’re uneasy when visiting the dentist, a holistic practice may have a different and more suitable approach that is focused on your wellbeing. Traditional dentists look at one area of the dental problem such as the gums or tooth. But when a holistic dentist analyzes a patient, they are looking to effectively and safely determine the health and condition of the body. If a problem exists, they will perform natural remedies in tandem with the modernized practices. By taking a history of the patient’s health, they may even be able to determine why a patient is experiencing complications and help prevent future occurrences.

Finds Safer Alternatives

According to Lane Family Dentist, a dentist in Wasilla, oral health is the cornerstone of a patient’s health and general wellbeing. Regular checkups, and the right care can help improve your smile. Excellent oral hygiene can also boost your confidence. That’s why it’s important to find a dentist with the same beliefs and practices as your own. In the past, treatments such as mercury were used to assist the patient in filling cavities. Although they may have aided to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by cavities, the material was highly toxic. Harmful effects have been proven hazardous to the immune system, kidneys, lungs and nervous system. More subtle symptoms have occurred through ulcers in the mouth and a bad metallic taste. Using materials that are biocompatible, a holistic dentist finds treatment methods that they deem to be the safest. They will also take into consideration the patient and any sensitivities or discomfort that could affect them. X-rays are equally important with routine dental exams. But the radiation emitted can prove harmful. A holistic dentist will use a method of digitalization that lessens the radiation by as much as 80 percent.

Determines the Needs of the Patient

A root canal is a spot on the interior of the tooth that houses the nerves. If left unresolved, the extensive decay can cause simple activities such as eating, drinking and talking pain and discomfort. A holistic dentist may have different approaches to root canal treatment. They may also offer a variety of approaches to help their patients avoid having to go through the procedure in the first place. If you’re looking for a holistic dentist, you want to do your own investigative research. Although your dentist may say they use holistic practices, you want to be more inquisitive. You can begin by asking about their treatment methods for various situations. The holistic practice should also state that they focus on the entire body and not one area such as the teeth or gums. They may even offer suggestions on how to boost a patient’s overall health and wellness.

Provides Educational Tools

Daily teeth brushing, regular exams and fixing problematic areas are just part of the solution to practicing excellent dental care. If you’re considering a holistic dentist, you may find the holistic practice you select more focused on providing educational tools that can promote wellness. Through the natural methods, you’ll find information given to you that can aid treating underlying issues that could be causing pain or discomfort in the teeth, mouth and gums. A holistic dentist may also offer tips to prevent the problems from even occurring in the first place such as consuming a healthy diet, eliminating certain medicines and routine oral health examinations. If a problem should arise at any time, your holistic dental office will devise a plan to treat the issue in a way that it won’t have any adverse side effects that could harm your health.

Dental treatments, and the methods delivered by each of the various facilities can differ. If you’re looking to select the right option between that of the holistic or traditional approach to dental care, you need to find an office who matches your own philosophy and beliefs.