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How Drugs Can Ruin Your Life



Nobody ever intends to be a drug addict. It starts casually, usually as a release from pain – whether emotional or physical – and develops into something more. Sometimes it begins as something social or a fun pastime.

Maybe you are at this stage; you use drugs casually because you want to, but there are no long term consequences, no dangers, you could stop anytime you wanted. Even if you feel this way right now, it won’t be long until your casual use of drugs develops into something more.

Until it takes over your life and affects every relationship that you have, whether you choose to believe it now, or not, drugs will take over your life, and most certainly ruin it.

It Starts Immediately

You might not realize it right now, but if you are using drugs, it is probably already negatively affecting your life. It is hard to see when you are the one who is using, but drugs affect your judgment. They can affect how you act in certain situations, as well as your mood in general, and this is just by using them, regardless of whether you believe yourself to be addicted or not.

Drugs Harm You Physically

The most noticeable side effect of using drugs is the damage that they do to your physical health. Different drugs have different effects, but all of them will cause problems with your sleep, your alertness, and especially your physical appearance. One common side effect is a drastic change in weight – either dangerous amounts of weight loss or gain. You are likely to experience some respiratory problems, skin disorders, and cognitive impairment.

Using Affects Your Personality

There is a marked change in people who are using drugs regularly. If you abuse drugs, you will find a noticeable difference in your moods, which will swing frequently. You may develop a sense of paranoia, and often feel uneasy or jumpy. When you are on a trip, you become wild and out-of-control, and when you are on a downer, you may suffer severe depression and negative or angry thoughts.

Your Relationships Will Suffer

Drug use does not only affect you, but it affects every relationship that you have with those around you. Your professional relationships will suffer as you struggle to pull your weight at work. Your contacts will experience as you cancel out of commitments and start to put your habit above anything else in your life.

Get Help

It is never too early or too late to seek help for drug addiction. Whether you use drugs occasionally or every day, you should consider getting help. There are rehab centers across the country that can offer you advice and guidance. Even if you need nothing more than a person to talk to, the people who work at these places are experts. If you do not think that you have a problem, but your friends and family have ever told you that you do, it is worth seeking help, as you often cannot see it for yourself.