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How Online Games Negatively Affect Health and Lifestyle for Kids



Games are an important part of every child. In the olden days, there was more space and so outdoor games were made possible. Children used to play outdoor under the sun. There were many positive effects of this type of game. Then later on the outdoor space got reduced and indoor games started gaining its importance. Now as individualism has increased the usage of computer games has also increased.

Many claims that computer games are good for improving many talents. But all should be within the limits. When a thing goes beyond the limit then there the danger comes.  The same way online games have taken up most of the part of the children’s life. Childhood is a period of development of all the systems both mental and physical. These online games endanger both physical and mental hazards for the children. Sometimes a simple online game in childhood has been the reason for the improper lifestyle of an adult.

Physical Hazards

Muscular injuries in hand: This normally does not occur on children. But while playing online games they tend to overuse certain muscles which are in their hands. Due to this, they may develop weakness of the hand muscles. As an effect, they would not be able to write up their notes and other school works. This may to lead poor academic activities.

Vision: Our visual cells are adapted to the normal lights in the environment but not to the rays from the laptop or desktop screens. Generally, the vicinity of the computer becomes more when a child is on the online game. This would affect the lens and lead to short sight or long sight problems.

Dehydration: Due to continually sitting in front of a monitor there is a lot of dehydration from a child’s body. This cannot be sensed but there is invisible water loss. A child would not bother to drink much water than required. He won’t feel thirsty and so refuse water intake. This would lead to the loss of blood cells and give a lethargic feeling after playing games.

Psychological hazards

There are many psychological disturbances caused when a child continuously plays online games. This also depends upon the type of game the child plays. Some games may change the behavior pattern of the child. A child may become aggressive and tries to imitate the hero in the game who certainly kills his enemy in the game. This creates an arrogant behavior in the child.

In research, it was found that when a child constantly plays online games then it reduces the social competence levels and increases the anxiety, depression, certain types of phobias, etc. This reduces the intellectual capacity of the child and later on hinders his social communication.

Apart from the above-mentioned hazards, personal hygiene is also greatly affected. Children tend to spend more time gaming and refuse to take bath, eat at a regular time, and even sometimes control their bowel movements for the sake of winning in the game.