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Ketamine Infusion Therapy For Severe Depression



Ketamine infusion therapy for severe depression

Depression is no longer an illness that we keep hidden. We no longer call it “the blues” and we have become too aware to tell people to “just snap out of it.” We understand it is an illness that millions of people have.

However, unless someone we love has severe depression it is difficult for us to understand the disease at that level. We all go through hard times. We all have times when we feel sad or anxious for no real reason. But, those days pass. Yes, that is a form of depression. But it is only one form.

Depression causes beautiful young teens to hate their bodies and to cause self-harm. Depression causes healthy people to starve themselves or to overeat until they are obese.

Depression will not let you sleep, or it will not let you wake up. Depression steals your joy. In the United States every year, 47,000 people will die by their own hands. Depression takes your life.

Natural treatments for moderate depression

In many cases, there are all-natural treatments that will help a depressed person. At the first sign of depression, a person should take the following actions. These steps help your body release its endorphins which make you feel good. Sometimes this is all you need. However, if the depression continues, it should not be ignored.

  • Let natural light inside
    • Open curtains or blinds to let the sunshine in. If it is a gloomy day, turn on lamps to allow light around you
  • Get Moving
    • if you cannot get outside, then get moving around the house. Dust or turn on some music and dance. Do something that physically moves you
  • Scents
    • Use some essential oils in your diffuser. Try lavender or sweet orange
  • Saint John’s Wort Tea
    • Drink a cup of Saint John’s Wort tea with honey or peppermint. This is a natural plant that raises your serotonin levels and eases depression.

Ketamine Infusion For Severe Depression

When your depression is too deep for natural treatments, you need a doctor’s help. This is important. When you are dealing with depression, you are addressing a disruption with a number of chemicals your brain is producing. This is not something you should try to repair on your own. Ketamine for depression may be the medical breakthrough you need.

Ketamine has many medical uses. One of those uses is to start and maintain anesthesia for patients undergoing medical procedures. When used to treat depression it is offered as an infusion. Sometimes one infusion is enough and sometimes more than one will be needed to bring body chemicals to the proper levels to relieve depression.

Your body reacts to the Ketamine and triggers your brain to produce the feel-good chemicals that it should produce naturally. This sets off a physical chain reaction that begins to turn your moods around and your brain on to your normal “feel good” self. It is effective and the response time is fast.

Physical reaction

Your body is a marvelous thing. The more you use it, the more it responds. You see this the most with muscles. If you decide to walk every day, after a while you will notice your muscles and lower body have changed. Your body is reacting to the change you provided.

While your brain is not a muscle, your brain wants to make life easy. If you do the same thing day after day, your brain will rewire itself to expect that change. This is how you mentally train your brain.


As with many modern illnesses, there is no cure for depression. However, today’s patients have better tools to fend off the attacks of depression than ever before. We are thankful for the combination of the powers of nature and science. With these tools, we can live a healthy and symptom-free life, and that is something all depressed patients are happy to hear.

If you want to comment for share an experience about depression, please feel free.

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