The Importance of Staying Tuned In To the Health News


It is important for all of us to be healthy and fit, as it helps us improve the overall quality of our lives. It also helps us in maintaining our mental or psychological health. In order to stay fit, you may require regular exercise, proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Food that you eat must contain appropriate minerals, vitamin and nutritional supplements. It is quite important for us to read health news in order to know about various factors that hinder our well being. In the year 2012, researchers have found that certain things that reduce the life expectancy in people.

As age increases, it becomes difficult for your body to metabolize the alcohol intake. Addiction to alcohol may lead to serious health hazards. People can get rid off that habit through various rehabilitation programs, and by following healthy lifestyles. In the United States, many people are dying due to the liver cancer every year. It is a serious issue caused by cirrhosis, heavy drinking, and unhealthy diet practices.

Red meat is hazardous to our health:

According to the report published by the Archives of Internal Medicine (Harvard School of Public Health) red meat increases the risk of cancer mortality and CVD. The study also predicts that additional serving of red meat will increase the risk of death by 20%. Red meat is considered as the primary source of fat and protein, but it is associated with mortality risks. It is better to include more of vegetarian and white meat based food items in your diet plan. It may reduce the risk of premature death and chronic diseases.

Just following strict vegan diet will not be a solution to counteract the harmful effects of meat. Instead you can cut down the intake of the red meat. Other things you can consume to stay healthy are nuts, poultry, fish, whole grains, and legumes.

Life expectancy is less


The life span of Americans is shorter than the people living in other countries. This information is released by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council. Many children and adolescents in the country die due to various reasons. A lot of factors contribute to this condition such as eating unhealthy food, expensive healthcare, and poor childhood health.

As per the report, behavioural and biological risk factors and multiple diseases affect people of all ages. These are the main issues that are responsible for shorter life expectancy. The obesity problem is troubling people to a great extent, and healthcare costs are also relatively high. In order to treat an obese patient, you may need to spend around $1400 a year, and to treat a diabetic patient it would eventually cost around $6,600.

Multiple measures have to be taken to put everything back in the right order. It is important to give nutrition education to people, which may help them to understand the factors that cause them harm in the long run.

Chronic inflammation is the reason behind serious health condition

Researchers have found that inflammation may cause many kinds of serious problems to the body. Chronic inflammation could give rise to life threatening diseases too. People over 50 years can do C-reactive protein blood test to measure the inflammation.

High level of CRP is a warning sign to you, and it may lead to health problems such as cancer in the oesophagus, liver, colon and lymph. It may even lead to neurological and cardiovascular diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the reasons for this problem. It is best to quit smoking and reduce the intake of sugar and fatty food substances.

These health issues are mainly caused due to the unhealthy food habits and unawareness about certain things. In order to stay updated, you can read health magazines and watch health news.


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