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5 Reasons You Should Stop Heavy Drinking Today



5 reasons you should stop heavy drinking today

Unlike smoking, there are those who claim that a little wine in moderation can be beneficial. However, there are rising cases of alcohol-related diseases in people who are younger in age than before. A lot of this is related to an increasing number of people who are drinking heavily.

High alcohol consumption has been linked to over 60 diseases, and these are starting to show up in young adults. However, it isn’t just cirrhosis of the liver that is causing the problems. Here is a list of five diseases that are linked to heavy drinking.


Anaemia is caused by an abnormally low level of red blood cells in the body. Heavy drinking is thought to cause Amenia which can lead to fatigue and shortness of breath. This damage to the blood can also have a knock-on effect on other organs in the body. Symptoms include general fatigue, pale pallor to the skin, dizziness and strange urges to ingest items that are not food, such as dirt, ice, etc.

Cardiovascular Disease

Drinking heavily can cause a number of problems to the heart. One of the most common is blood clots, which is caused by the alcohol making the blood clump together. These clots can lead to heart attacks as well as strokes.

Heavy drinking can also cause irregularities in the heart rhythm caused by Cardiomyopathy which is a weakening of the heart muscles. This irregularity is called fibrillation and can cause blood clots and if left untreated, even death.


Many cancers are thought to be caused by heavy drinking. It is believed that this is exacerbated by the body converting alcohol into a carcinogen called acetaldehyde. The most common cancers associated with drinking are throat, liver, breast and colon. The risk seems to be even higher if the person also smokes.


Although a person’s brain shrinks with age, it is thought that heavy drinking causes this shrinking to accelerate. This shrinkage can lead to premature dementia and other neurological problems. Drinking to excess can also cause problems with executive brain function, problem solving and judgement.

These are the same problems that cause dangerous driving while drinking. However, while hiring a dui lawyers might deal with the legal ramifications, no-one can deal with the physical problems.

General nerve damage can also be caused by drinking heavily. These problems can manifest themselves as pins and needles, numbness, muscle weakness and incontinence.


It has long been known that heavy drinking can cause irritation of the stomach or gastritis as it’s otherwise called, but it can also irritate other organs in the digestive tract.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the Pancreas. It can cause severe abdominal pain and persistent diarrhoea. It is believed that over half of the cases of Pancreatitis is linked to heavy drinking. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for it at this time.

These are just five of the many diseases that can be caused by heavy drinking. Others include high blood pressure, seizures, gout and depression. With younger people now showing signs of these diseases, many are thinking that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.