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Cardiovascular Diseases – In Spite of All The Information, We Don’t Know Enough About Them



Even today, when tremendous efforts are made to inform people about cardiovascular diseases and various facts about them, yet we cannot get rid of the many myths that topic raises.

Many people still believe in certain information about cardiovascular diseases, which is completely wrong and it has been proven to be wrong through many tests and trials. Here are some of the most common myths about these diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases develop only in older people.

The belief that cardiovascular diseases are associated with age and aging is one of the oldest myths about the topic. This may have been true decades ago, when the way of life was different and tension and other health problems have occurred only after a certain age (during or after middle age), but at present it is no longer true.

Nowadays, people’s physical activity is slight or there is no such activity at all, the diet includes a lot of fast food and junk food, and even a child can become a victim of a heart disease. It may be true that the signs of the presence of heart problems occur after a certain age, but the fact is that the causes of this type of complications date from an earlier stage of our lives.

Men are more prone to heart diseases.

In fact women are at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. It is a fact that heart disease is the most common cause of death among female patients. Each year stroke and cardiovascular problems take the lives of more women than the next 16 diseases on the list together.

It is not possible to get heart failure in normal lifestyle.

This is a common myth but the truth is that if you take proper care in terms of nutrition and exercise, a person who has experienced a heart failure can lead a normal life. With the advances in the medical science, normal life after this condition is very attainable in reality.

A lot of vigorous exercises are necessary for a healthy heart.

Many people believe that in order to keep your heart healthy, you need to sweat for at least 30 minutes every day and do intense exercise. The need for physical activity is an undeniable fact of maintaining cardiovascular health, but you do not need it to be so intense.

People in good physical shape cannot suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Good physical condition, regular exercise, good diet and healthy habits help greatly to prevent heart disease, but cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that you will not develop a heart disease. The disease may occur as a result of other factors that cannot be controlled.

No risk of heart disease when diabetes is under control

Whether blood sugar levels are under control or not, diabetes itself is a risk factor for cardiovascular problems. It slowly damages the blood vessels and heart over a long time, even when it is under control.

Pain in the arms and chest warn of a heart failure

It is true that in 60-90% of the cases, heart failure is accompanied by pain in the chest and heart, but often the signs of the problem are quiet. Some common problems such as headaches, nausea, tiredness and upset stomach may also be signs of a heart failure.