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How to Enjoy the Holidays without Gaining So Much Weight!



Is it possible to enjoy the holidays with all its festivities and food and still maintain a healthy weight? The answer is yes! The key is determination and discipline.

So the question, therefore, is not so much about whether it is possible or not; the question is how. Below are some suggestions on how a person can still enjoy the holidays and everything that comes with it without gaining weight.

Eat Wisely

If you watch what you eat on normal days, calories and fats, for instance, continue to do so and do not make the holidays an excuse to steer away from what you have been accustomed to do. According to health and nutrition experts, the best way to lose and then maintain weight is to count calories. So even if it is the holidays, count your calorie intake. You can eat anything that takes your fancy but know your limits.

Now here’s the challenge: more often, in parties, the foods served can be very tempting, and it takes a lot of discipline to really be able to say no to cakes and pastries and others that are laden with sugar, hence calories.  To be on the preventive side, two things can be done. One is to eat at home first before going to the party. When eating at home, be sure to load up on fruits and vegetables – your usual healthy diet. Here’s what happens next: when you are in the party already and you have a full stomach, you will no longer crave for more food. If you still want to eat, just take small bites of anything you like just to satisfy your palate.

Increase Your Activity

What happens if you ate a little beyond your normal food intake? The answer is to fret not and just increase your activity so you will burn the excess calorie. If, for example, you normally exercise for 30 minutes a day, increase the duration and add maybe 15 to 20 minutes more.

Here’s another suggestion that has proven to be very interesting to a lot of people. To burn the extra pounds gained, do more house chores. Here’s why: Do you know that cleaning the living room for two hours can help you burn at least 200 calories? Cleaning your car can also do the same thing. Or if you’re not done shopping yet, you can actually go to the malls and try on as many clothes that you like. Doing this is also known to help one burn calories – and you enjoy yourself in the process.

In a nutshell, there is a way around gaining more weight this holiday season. The key, again, is determination and discipline. If you want it bad enough, you can do it!