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Does Counting Calories Work?



Every magazine you pick up or dieting club tells you to count the daily intake of your calories in order to lose those excess pounds. However, in recent research studies, it has been found that certain foods have lower calories than originally thought. The study was carried out by the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, found fewer calories in almonds. Many other foods were found to contain lower calories from this recent study. Great news if you are an almond lover!

What is a Calorie?

Calories are the main source of energy we receive from the food we eat. If we take on too many calories, we put on weight. If we do not intake enough calories, we have a lack of energy. Having a healthy balance to your calorie intake is key. There are different calorie intakes for men and women. Men should not exceed 2550 calories per day, and women 1940 calories per day. These guidelines are from the UK Department of Health.

How Can There Be Fewer Calories?

This latest research into certain foods has proved that calories can be dropped using certain methods. The energy we get from certain foods, for example, almonds, can be dropped by, the content of fiber, how it is cooked, and even how long it takes to chew. Everything you do your body uses energy from foods, so chewing uses up energy.

This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, stating that calories in food should not be measured prior to eating, but once it has reached our digestion system. Using almonds as their main research food, they found 23 almonds (28g), originally had 160 calories. After close research, they found they only had 129 calories, a whopping 20% difference.

Implementing almonds into a healthy diet can help aid weight loss. David Baer who masterminded the research found that a dieter consuming 84g into their daily diet could lose the dieter up to a pound weight loss each month. This is because nuts take longer to digest, making you feel fuller for longer, at the same time delivering your energy.

Baer and his team have only researched almonds and other various nuts in their experiment, but have promised to deliver some relevant results across other foods in the near future. Baer advised to still to a healthy diet of rich in fiber foods, such as nuts that have a longer digestion period.