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4 Reasons Why Money Should Never be a Problem For Your Relationships at Christmas



No money this Christmas? No Problem. Don’t let that get in the way of your relationship during the festive year.

There are plenty of ways to do Christmas on a budget, and while some extra money might put more presents under the tree, money isn’t essential for Christmas. Here are some tips for a great Christmas without a big budget and without hurting anyone’s feelings.

1)  Make a Budget

Before you start your savings adventure, you’ll need to work out how much money you can spend this Christmas, and what you want to spend on certain things. As the old adage says: ” fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

When you’ve got a budget set, you’re ready to start saving money!  Talk to your partner and decide on a reasonable budget, communication is key!

2)  Food

Roast Turkey, Christmas pudding, tons of various chocolate treats; Christmas is a great time for foodies. That makes what I’m about to say even more harrowing: don’t go nuts with food.

Every single year people throw away mountains of uneaten festive food while hundreds more are eating turkey sandwiches for lunch until February. This year try cutting back a bit; perhaps buy one tin of chocolates instead of two. You probably won’t miss much and you could cut your food spending in half.

If you usually eat out during the holidays, consider having a meal at home instead, and spend the money not used somewhere else.

3)  Decorations

You can save money on festive decorations by reusing them year after year, but if you don’t happen to have an attic full of them, why not make your own?

A plastic Christmas tree can be a great investment; it won’t shed on your floor, and you can pull it out of your attic year after a year ready to be decorated. With just a bit of tinsel and some home-made decorations, your house will be looking much more festive already for very little.

4)  The Presents

As the price of everything creeps up in the lead up to Christmas, and kids are keen to open up some of the latest and greatest toys on Christmas morning; but there are a few ways to save here, too.

We could write an article about ways to save on presents alone, but there are a few surefire tips to bring your Christmas shop in under budget. Buy presents for your partner and parents in the January sales when there is a bit more money and prices are a bit cheaper.

You can get plenty of stocking fillers in pound/dollar stores, and taking for presents online could lead to some real bargains online. You could even attempt to sell your kids unwanted presents on eBay to put towards their new present. 

Ready To Start Saving?

It can be overwhelming to realize how much Christmas is going to cost, but hopefully, these tips have helped you out; remember to take advantage of the multitude of free events that take place in most communities over the festive seasons.

Take the focus away from the costly parts of Christmas day and instead plan on activities as a family / a couple, the cliché of the family gathered around a board game holds true here, your family might love opening their presents, but they’ll love the quality time together that Christmas can bring even more.

What plans have you and your partner devised in budgeting for Christmas?  Be great to hear your thoughts too!