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Tips For Holiday Eating For Cancer Treatment Patients



Holidays and special occasions in the family call for celebration; celebration is inadvertently associated with special treats and new dishes. Any celebration is incomplete without a great meal; therefore special recipes make the rounds of the richly laden table.

However, if you are suffering from a dreadful condition such as cancer, and you are required to control your food intake, holidays seem dreadful to you. Here are a few tips that will help you to overcome the fear and help you partake of the feast and celebrate all joyous occasions with your family.

Celebrations should not always be stressful

The first step you can take to make a celebrity less stressful is to let your close ones know that you are not up to your usual self. If you are the host, delegate the duties so that you are less stressed out. In case of preparing a dish, focus all your attention to your one specialty, and delegate the rest to friends and family.

If you aren’t fit for cooking, take the help of friends, and pass on the recipe to them. Come early at the party and find a good spot to relax as too much exertion will tire you and you will be unable to enjoy the celebrations. Offer to bring in the drinks, plates or paper goods, etc. if you will be unable to cook.

When it comes to eating, keep a watch out for all the food present and identify those food items that you can consume without developing any serious problems. Also, it is advisable to eat some at your home, before you leave for the celebration, in this way you will require a very little portion of food at the party.

Small portions help to avoid the overfull feeling. Also ask your doctor whether it is alright to have alcohol, considering your condition. Celebrations are usually incomplete without alcohol. At a buffet, choose different flavors and tastes as it is your chance to explore the new tastes, but remember not to go over the top.

Physical Symptoms

Cancer causes a lot of deterioration in the body. You may also face physical symptoms such as nausea, constipation, or changes in the smell and taste perception. Celebratory meals have a strong taste and flavor. If a certain smell or flavor makes you feel nauseated or makes you throw up, it is advisable to be prepared.

Have a ginger ale to relieve the stomach and move away from the area that has a strong smell. Try having a mint or flavored chewing gum to relieve symptoms. In a condition such as cancer, the body is weak and is therefore unable to digest heavy foods. You must take care to steer away from dishes that use cream sauce, cheese, or mayonnaise base.

During holidays, cooks usually do not bother to hold back on the oils and other fatty substances, therefore it is upon you to be vigilant and not indulge in over-consumption. Look for steamed and baked dishes that are the healthier options. You can consume pasta, noodles, and bread, if they are not accompanied by a heavy base. Opt for turkey breast, green beans, cranberry sauce, and roasted potatoes, etc. which are a lighter option.

Be Careful with Food Safety

The immune system of a cancer survivor is reduced; therefore it is necessary to be careful about food safety in order to avoid food diseases. At a huge celebration, it is difficult to keep track of how long food was kept outside or whether the food is undercooked.

Thus, stay away from foods that are usually prepared undercooked such as eggnog, sushi, and raw egg deserts. If you are at a buffet or a pot- luck, choose safe foods such as chips, crackers, cheese dips, salsa, snack mix, cakes, etc.

The holiday is a fun time to spend with family and friends and enjoy feasts, but for cancer treatment patients it could be a time for distress and anxiety. Just a bit of preparation and the right approach will make your celebrations truly fun-filled with your loved ones!