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Give Yourself A Break: Nature’s Way of Healing the Body



Stress causes much harm to the body. It is one of the culprits behind the many illnesses and sicknesses encountered by humankind. Sad to say, some think that taking medications is the only way to combat this invisible foe. Little do they know, that pleasure time and communion with nature also help in relieving the body of it.

Early Symptoms of Stress

The following are early signals from the body that you are suffering from stress:

  • You sweat more.
  • Your heart beats faster than normal.
  • You experience cold feet, hands, and skin.
  • You commonly suffer from mouth dryness.
  • You complain of recurring headaches, fatigues, and muscle spasms.

Major Causes of Stress

You may know a bit of information about the major causes of stress, yet some may still be left in the dark concerning the ultimate cause of their worries.

  • Divorce
  • Demanding Jobs
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Danger and Harm
  • Financial Worries
  • Failed Relationships

If this happens to you or anyone of your loved ones, observe their lifestyle and habits. Try to see if anything changed and if they start showing symptoms of stress; then, it is best to plan a nature escapade to calm the mind and rejuvenate the soul.

An Escapade to Nature

Imagine this, deep blue sky, the azure of the sea, the green vegetation of the surroundings, the yellow, white, and pink blocks of the old town, and the music of the birds. It is enough to calm your thoughts, right? What more if you will be lying in its caress? Just think of the positive benefits it will bring to your body.

A Garden Walk

Some may consider it simple, but a walk to the park, to the woods, or to the garden is already a relaxing experience that produced positive hormones needed to fight free radicals in the body. You are lucky to have a garden at your home where you can meditate and relax for a couple of minutes within the day, but if you do not have this luxury then finding a park with more greens will do.

Lying on the Beach

There is a health reason why more people think of beaches whenever they feel depressed. There is magic with the waves and the blue scenery of the ocean. Lying by the beach recharges our body’s batteries and a swim at the ocean discharges it of harmful free radicals while giving your lungs a boost. Nevertheless, the amount of exercise and the tranquility experienced near the ocean gives your neurons more reason to sleep soundly and allow your body to repair its damaged cells.

Taking Time to Smell the Roses

This is a common adage given by elders, but it has many health insights to convey. A place that allows you to smell the fragrance of the roses is most likely free from pollution and it will provide your lungs the much-needed amount of oxygen to release unwanted toxins in the body. The best time to perform this is during the early morning or before you go to sleep. Of course, the beauty of the flowers will also add delight to your desire for tranquility.

Listening to the World Around You

It is quite impossible to listen to nature in the city because of the surrounding noises produced by machines. Fortunately, nature escapades allow your olfactory nerves to once again enjoy the unique sounds of nature. It may be the birds, the waves of the sea, the hustle of the leaves, or the sound of the wind. Whichever it may be, it will help reconnect your body with nature and do great in assisting you to gain back your focus.

Eye Captivating Sights

Your eyes need a friendly dose of exercise too and it will most likely get it from the beautiful scenes you will see in the mountains, coastlines, or the gardens. Let it work hard by vividly capturing the array of colors nature has prepared. It is also a good way of letting your neurons focus on details and appreciate the tiniest pleasures of nature.

A nature trip escapade is not all luxury. It has to be done at least once a year. It is a favor you owe to your body and a prize you owe to yourself for working hard all year long.