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EECP:-Let The Heart Beat



As we know the 21st century is an age of technology and no field of our life is left untouched by it. The same way medical science also has changed in its technology and EECP is the best example of it. The abbreviated form EECP stands for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy. In this therapy treatment of angina or chest pain is done and that also painlessly.

Being one of the most vital organs of the human body, the heart plays a major role in all body functions. So when it is a matter of chest pain or in other words angina pain, it becomes a frightening experience for every individual. Even a single-halt of a heartbeat can change your world in a fraction of a second. And there only EECP is important as it gives your heart along life.

What is EECP Treatment – In EECP, the treatment done is quite painlessly than the traditional methods where one has to go through cuts and operation. In this method, blood level with high oxygen is raised to help the heart avoid load on it and it is generally claimed that heart output gets increased by 12% by reducing afterload. In this treatment, air cuffs are placed which helps the heart to beat normally and this process hardly takes an hour. The treatment usually involves 35 sessions of 1 hour every five days a week.

This treatment has emerged and got its nod by authorities in 1990 and as it is a very much medically proved method for angina treatment, it has gained fame in patients and even in the medical field. In this treatment, no major surgery takes place so it is a boon for the heart patients who are scared of surgery or operation of the heart.

For whom this treatment is – Generally this treatment is for such patients who have not responded well to the medication and need angioplasty or operation. And even in some cases where the patient has not got relief from angina pain after angioplasty also.

Who can not avail of this treatment – No doubt this treatment is wonderful but there are certain conditions where this treatment is not recommended. In the case of a patient who suffers from pulmonary disease, this treatment is not recommended. Even the patient with high blood pressure above 180/110 is also not recommended for this treatment and this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women also.

But above all, the benefits of this treatment are such that it has proved a great relief to heart patients and that also at such a time where the number of heart patients is increasing worldwide. There is no extra healing time also involved in this treatment. And the best part of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

Therapy is that there are no side effects and no more medication is also required. After this treatment patient can return to his routine normal life activities himself. And that is why for the person who has seen almost the end of life, it is nothing less than a life-saving miracle.