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Relaxing Energy Healing Treatment For Your Mother



Mother’s day is all about making your mother feel special. Cooking a meal, supplying her with luxury chocolates, or treating her to a relaxing massage are just a few really good Mother’s day gift ideas that you could choose to do. Choosing a card that contains a sentimental poem that describes her just as you see her is also important and will make her feel cherished. Energy healing is becoming ever more popular. Reiki, acupressure, and crystal healing are just three of the thousands of different energy medicines that take advantage of the Universal life force to treat and prevent stress-related disorders. Therefore, buying your mother a gift card for an energy healing session is a kind gesture.

Connect to Universal Life Force Energy with Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a system of energy healing that evolved in Japan through Dr. Mikao Usui. His system of teaching is taught to Reiki Masters who continue the Usui method. An energy-healing skeptic may not relax during a Reiki treatment, as there must be a desire for change, but anyone can receive treatment.

The Reiki treatment itself is simple and the healing can be performed over a fully clothed individual. The client lies down on a bed, and the Reiki practitioner places their hands in a variety of positions that target the entire body. As the whole body is treated, the underlying symptoms relating to the problem are said to subside. Each hand position is held in place for several minutes, while the entire treatment can take approximately an hour or longer.

Treat Underlying Symptoms of Stress with Acupressure

Acupressure and acupuncture are very similar and part of the same ancient system of therapies that work to balance the chi life force energy. The emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) is similar to acupressure. There are two acupressure techniques, one of which is pressing the point, while the second technique is reducing the point. A pencil eraser is one such item that can be used to press a point, and this method should be applied for up to thirty seconds however, effects are also noticeable after only half a second of manipulation. Reducing a point, however, is massaging the point in a counter-clockwise direction for up to two minutes.

Balance Each Chakra with Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works on the concept that the body has seven main energy centers called chakras. When these energy centers become blocked, diseases can manifest. Crystals have a vibration that can encourage the balancing of each chakra, whilst surrounding the individual with healing energy. A crystal healing practitioner places specific colored stones on or around the chakras, for example, clear quartz for the crown chakra and obsidian for the base or root chakra. Crystals can be worn as jewelry, with each said to heal certain ailments, but small tumble stones can also be carried around in the pocket to obtain the same effect. Tiger’s eye is said to promote confidence in the wearer.

Restore the Body to Optimum Health with a Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a type of energy healing performed on pressure points of the feet. The feet are connected to different organs and glands of the body and when these points are manipulated, it is said to promote a positive change in the body. Reflexology is one of the more popular alternative therapies available today. This energy healing manipulates the chi life force energy to treat the underlying problem.

The above treatments are just four of the many thousands of energy healing sessions that are available to the public. By encouraging the movement of stagnant chi in the body, the patient is left feeling calm, peaceful, and stress-free.