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Top Five Popular Alternative Medicine Therapies



With the change in lifestyle and monotonous work schedule, most of the people tend to ignore their health. They spend countless number of hours in their workplace to meet the deadlines due to which eating a well-balanced diet and exercising take a backseat. Over a period of time, rising stress levels evolve into various kinds of diseases such as back pain, diabetes, insomnia, depression, and so on. In order to treat diseases, people take allopathic medicines or undergo an operation, but there is no guarantee that the ailment will not crop up again.

Today, as a culture, people all around the world are so heavily dependent on allopathic medicines. However, they quite often fail to remember that their bodies are very much capable of healing all on their own, with just a little help from nature. Lately, people are now realizing that the overuse of conventional medicines can lead to some severe side effects. Because of this, more people are resorting to the natural medicine therapies to wipe out the root cause of the ailments and enjoy a healthy living.

What exactly are Alternative Medicine Therapies?

Alternative medicine therapies are essentially different kinds of health treatments that stimulate the bodies and minds of the patients essential for excellent health and a balanced lifestyle. This can range from the simple massage therapy sessions to acupuncture and herbal remedies. There are many alternative medicine therapies that are used to treat various illnesses by alternative or naturopathic medicine doctor. Here is a rundown on some of the prominent therapies:


Ayurveda is a very age-old natural therapy that originated in India during the Vedic times. Here, the main focus is devoted to curing the diseases rather than the symptoms with the help of several herbs and minerals. It carries a holistic wellness approach towards greater health and long life of the individuals. According to Ayurveda, the main cause of any ailment is the complication between the ‘Vata’, ‘Pita’, or ‘Kapha’. The patients are prescribed a certain number of treatment methods after taking into account their health problems.


This therapy originated in China where the fine needles are used for treating the diseases. The needles are inserted into the specific acupuncture points (also known as the ‘Qi’ points) of the body to maintain an effective flow of energy. Here, it is believed that the diseases occur because of unevenness in the body’s chi (life energy) flow.


Many people have a perception that meditation is a very odd therapy to get rid of stress or pain. This is totally wrong thinking as it has been proven time and again that the human body is quite capable of healing the ailments faster when an individual is in a relaxed state of mind.

Herbalism and Natural Therapy

Mother Nature has gifted plenty of herbs or plants that possess astonishing medicinal properties. Some of the prominent herbs such as the Ashwagandha, Arjuna, Brahmi, Gotu kola, etc. are widely used to cure the ailments. Many medicines are still created by extracting the properties of the plants and used to provide relief to the patients.


It is another popular form of alternative medicine where the extracts from the various plants are used to trigger the biochemical responses of the brain that in turn stimulates the dormant function of the body and promote overall well-being. Aromatherapy candles and essential oils are used all over the world to minimize stress and provide mental peace to individuals.

The Final Words

All in all, most of the alternative medicine therapies are very safe and inexpensive than to use allopathic medicines. The human body is quite capable of healing the pain or ailments on its own, but it requires a little help. The therapies provide that much needed help without any side effects that too without putting any extra burden on the pocket of the individuals.