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10 Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness



We are all striving for a healthier lifestyle and health, and wellness has become an essential part of our daily lives, this is why when it comes to gift ideas for friends and family you need to think out of the box, finding them that perfect health and wellness gift that they will appreciate, use and enjoy.

Here are ten ideas for the perfect health and wellness gift:

Smoothie Maker

A smoothie maker is the ideal health and wellness gift, enabling anyone to make delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies. This ensures they get their five a day, they can mix and match and make a medley of fantastic smoothies to their own liking and it’s all healthy.

Most smoothie makers come with a small and essential recipe book but consider buying a highly rated book of healthy smoothie recipes to set them on the right path and help inspire their creations.

Healthy Gift Baskets

A sturdy gift basket is not only a great gift to give to family and friends, but it’s also so much fun to put together. You can put any healthy choices together from fruit and juices to spa treatment vouchers, wellness bath salts, and even healthy teas. You can also buy these health baskets if you don’t have time to put one together for both men and women and know that the recipient will very much appreciate it.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Anyone who is health conscious will love this watch, which measures heart rate while exercising. It helps the user determine their fitness level, whether they are running, cycling, or doing indoor training. The clock continually measures the heart rate enabling the user to see how their heart rate improves or to ensure they get their body to a specific heart rate to burn off the maximum amount of calories.

Armband for iPhone or iPod

The armband which can be used with an iPhone or iPod is a fantastic gift for any health enthusiast. This armband lets them listen to their favorite music while working out, whether they are training at the gym, cycling through the countryside, or enjoying a morning run.

There are some great running apps too, this great roundup from the RunningNetwork covers 50 awesome iPhone Apps For Runners.


You may never have thought that your fizzy favorite drink could actually be healthy, but the SodaStream range offers one third fewer calories, sugar, sodium, and carbs. Everyone can now enjoy the convenience of delicious drinks without worrying about their sugar or calorie intake, making this the ideal gift for anyone who is health-conscious but struggling with sacrifice. With more than 40 syrup flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone.

As part of Sodastream’s recent environmental campaign, ‘The Cage,’ Sodastream has showcased this eye-opening cage in more than 20 countries. Did you know that the average family uses around 10,657 bottles and cans in 5 years? Add precycling as another benefit to feel good about.

Juice Extractor

Juice extractors have increased in popularity because they enable anyone to make delicious fruit juices in their kitchen. From mixing juices to just enjoying your favorite juice, these extractors ensure that you get all the minerals and vitamins from the fruit, unlike bought in fruit juices, which are often watered down.

Spa Break

For ladies, a wellness spa voucher will be a very appreciated gift, from beautiful wellness treatments to relaxing hydrotherapy. A voucher for a wellness spa not only offers the receiver some relaxation time but also shows that you have their health and wellness in mind.

Health and Fitness Magazine Subscription

With so many fantastic health and fitness magazines available, a subscription to your family or friends, personal health and fitness magazine can be a beautiful and very appreciated gift.

Protein Shakes

If the person you are buying a gift for is very into their bodybuilding and keeping their body in excellent condition, then buying them a selection of protein shakes may be the answer. You can place them in a basket, finish it off with some nuts and other ingredients they can add to their shake and let them enjoy their gift to the fullest.

Yoga Mats

Yoga has become a prevalent wellness activity; this activity works the body and helps the person relax. There is a choice of great yoga mats available from various colors to patterns, all neatly rolled into their carry case. A wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys the yoga experience.