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Best Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Health Conscious In 2018



Best instagram accounts that will make you health conscious in 2018

There’s a fitness lover inside each of us, and why wouldn’t there be? We all want to look good and feel great about our health. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Instagram is a great place to start. There are a lot of fitness and health experts on this social network who regularly share their routines that can serve as a daily motivator for you.

Follow the right Instagram accounts and you will be greeted daily with fresh ways to stay fit and healthy though pictures and sometimes, very motivating text. Today we’ll be looking at the Instagram accounts you should be following if you want daily motivation to be health conscious. We’ve chosen accounts that will provide you with a mix of great pictures, healthy food recipes, innovative training routines and lots of fitness motivation!

1.   @milkingalmonds

Milkingalmonds is run by Copenhagen-based Trine Rask who regularly shares pictures of delicious-looking food that’s not too heavy on the calories. The food Trine shares on this account is all plant-based, so if you’re looking to include some super-healthy items to your daily menu, go and follow this account! If any of the food strikes your fancy, there’s good news as you can head on to Trine’s website ( to know the detailed recipes. Instagram is a great social platform indeed to make you properly fitness aware. Instead, you may visit some Instagram growth companies to understand how it works.

2. @fitbynati

Fitbynati is an account where you get it all – motivational quotes, healthy food recipes, and simple exercise techniques that a normal person can follow. It is run by a mom who transformed her body by sticking to exercise and a healthy diet. It’s a great source of inspiration that serves to motivate you. Natalia shares pictures of her transformation with great motivational text which details her own personal challenges.

3. @kemomarriot

Want to try out something different to help you achieve your fitness goals? Kemo Marriot of @kemomarriot has developed his own philosophy when it comes to fitness. Marriot focuses on perfecting and training body movements instead of just training your muscles to achieve an overall balance which is great for fitness and health. He often shares pictures showing him shifting unconventional-looking equipment, all in the name of perfecting body movements!

4. @jshealth

There’s a saying that 90% of fitness involves a good diet, while only 10% involves exercise. While that might be debatable, the importance of a well-balanced diet in a fitness regiment cannot be denied. JSHealth is run by Jessica Sepel who is a nutrition expert and regularly shares her own unique perspective on health and fitness. She regularly shares pictures of food that is healthy and won’t put you off the idea of dieting. What’s more, you can actually make that food yourself by visiting her website and following the recipes. Sepel also shares pictures of people whose bodies have been transformed by following the JSHealth mindset so that you feel even further motivated to pursue it yourself.

5. @progressive_calisthenics

The owner of this Instagram account focuses on strength and fitness gained through utilizing slow, gymnastic movements. It’s one of the newer ways of approaching a fit body and has gained noticeable popularity in the past year. Fitness coaches are slowly starting to realize that they need to spice the fitness routine up by including unique elements as opposed to the traditional methods of cardio and weights. Go ahead and follow this account to stay up to date and motivated for what’s shaping up to be one of the upcoming trends in fitness.