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Meet The New You With Botox Treatment



Meet the new you with botox treatment

All a woman wants is to have a beautiful, young, and fabulous looking skin. You might have seen or heard having undergoing botox treatment. The treatment is quite in trend these days, though the doubts and misconceptions are obvious to develop in one’s mind. To eliminate all the doubts and get answers to your questions, let’s go through this article.

What is Botox (Botulinum Toxin)?

It is a neurotoxin that is injected in the skin using a needle. Most of the people wonder why botox is put into the face. The answer is, it is a cosmetic neurotoxin for injecting purposes. Talking about its chemical formation, it contains Botulinum Toxin, which is present in a very diluted form. A bacterium named Clostridium Botulinum contains this chemical. It is used in diluted form for providing relaxation to muscles, especially in the space between eyebrows. The idea behind injecting is to neutralize nerve impulses. In this way, you would not make any facial expressions, so there is no chance of the formation of wrinkles.

The question arises that when should you go for a Botox treatment, here are some signs why?

1. It is safe when correctly executed:

At first, it may seem daunting to you that injection will be inserted at the eyebrows or towards the forehead. Botox is an FDA approved chemical as it is one of the standards and highly in-demand procedures. Commonly applied for cosmetic purposes, it alleviates some other health distresses. Apart from aesthetic reasons, Botox is capable of treating different medical conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating.

2. Age is undefined for Botox treatment:

Young age people have Botox treatment as a means of the preventive measure before wrinkles begin to appear or get deepen. Therefore, dermatologists can’t specify the best age to have it. It solely depends on your aims, preferences, and facial expressions. If there are only wrinkles replacing the attractive smile and bright eyes, Botox treatment can satisfy you as it will take care of the lines. Botox prevents wrinkles from happening.

3. It doesn’t give a frozen look:

According to some critics, Botox restricts some movement, yet a small Botox amount still allows you to communicate and react livelily. It acts as a relaxer for muscles that are responsible for forming wrinkles. It doesn’t disturb other muscles of your face, which are crucial to creating overall expressions.

4. It reduces but not eradicates wrinkles:

It is recommended that you don’t have much expectation from the Botox treatment and have reasonable hopes. It does not eliminate lines that are formed due to expressions. Though it improves wrinkles’ appearance through muscle relaxation but doesn’t eradicate them, especially the static ones.

5. Botox is a brand:

You may know this or not, but Botox is one of the types of neurotoxin available in the market. All kinds of neurotoxin originate from similar bacteria, so they all work similarly.

Xeomin, also is known as “naked molecule,” is the purified form of neurotoxin as it doesn’t have a new surface of proteins like Dysport and Botox contain. Xeomin penetrates deeply into the skin and works faster. Also, it is unlikely to pose any allergic reaction.

Dysport doesn’t spread much, as Botox does. Therefore, it is best for the skin areas needing multiple injections. It kicks into the skin faster than the Botox and Xeomin. It shows results after 2 to 3 days, whereas Botox shows results in 7 to 10 days.

6. At first, it might be a funny feeling:

Botox requires 3 to 7 days while kicking into your skin, and the entire effect becomes apparent within two weeks. Some people who have had botox treatment in the past felt it like duct tape on the forehead. It affects the movement of your facial movement, and therefore, you may feel it funny at first as you won’t be able to move face for making a specific expression. An extremely tight feeling may occur during the beginning of the process before the body takes time for adjustments to the Botox.

7. It isn’t for women only:

Among all kinds of plastic surgeries, Botox treatment is widespread among both men and women. One of the most sought after skin treatment undergoing by men, it is quite popular among men.

8. It’s not a one-time treatment:

Botox treatment only has its effect till three months approximately so you will need to go after every 3 to 6 months to maintain the results. Since it only temporarily relaxes the face muscles, and the effects wear off after a certain period. The use of neurotoxins in continuity is necessary for a reduction in muscle movement. Hence, after knowing all these facts, get Botox Treatment from a reliable and trusted cosmetic clinic.

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