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Everything You Need To Know About Fraxel Skin Treatment



There are many people who think that their skin needs further refining or they need to get rid of acne scars or various types of pigmentation in order to look good. While most men and women start with using the latest and most advertised beauty products on the market at times these do not make a noticeable difference. This is when its best to go for a non-invasive laser treatment called Fraxel laser treatment. This treatment is designed to revive the look and feel of your skin.

Why is Fraxel laser treatment so popular?

One of the leading reasons for its popularity is celebrities like Courtney Cox and Kim Kardashian both of whom have managed to acquire and maintain beautiful skin because of it. One looks at Kim Kardashian’s skin and suddenly people want to have skin like that which is what adds to the popularity of the treatment. Over the past couple of years, the technology and techniques have certainly improved to the point where many specialists will guarantee that much if not all of the pigmentation and various brown spots will disappear. People who have received this type of treatment have also reported improved skin tone, firmer skin, reduced appearance of scarring, wrinkles, and better texture.

Understanding Fraxel treatment

Understanding how Fraxel works is not as difficult as trying to understand other types of cosmetic treatments. To put things very simply the treatment uses what is called a “Fractional laser” that passes right through the skin’s top layer similar to how light passes through a glass in order to reach the dermis located below.

This helps to create damaged microscopic regions. These wounds are enough to trigger the body’s own wound healing process i.e. the production of collagen which replaces the damaged surface with a fresh epidermal layer. So, the laser is mainly used to create small areas or often columns of damage to the skin’s structure which in turn provokes the healing process. The new dermal layer produced by the body’s own natural response is what results in a fresher looking face. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Fraxel does not cause any downtime.

How does the system work?

The laser is used to make small dots of thermal damage to the skin which is not visible to the naked eye. The objective is to speed up the skin’s own healing process. This is often referred to as a pixel by pixel process which enables the skin to heal quicker and as planned. The result is healthier and tighter tissue. The treatment is achieved by hooking up a laser to a computer which first maps the face and then starts to move the laser over the entire face adding small dots of invisible damage. The procedure takes just a few minutes and yields little discomfort.

During the treatment

Exact treatment procedures do vary from one clinic to another but usually, all clinics start with a consultation session to try and find out what you expect and how your skin works. Many clinics in Australia use a handheld laser device that repairs damaged skin by working on small sections at a time this leaves the surrounding areas or healthy tissue unaffected. Doctors say that most patients just feel an increasingly hot sensation when treated. However, in order to minimize discomfort doctors will apply anesthesia prior to the procedure with a cooling system built into the handpiece. Once the treatment is over patients often feel as if they have encountered sunburn which takes around 3 hours to subside.

What results can you expect?

For anyone who is seeking Fraxel treatment knowing what to expect is important. Experts believe that around 90% of people will begin to notice a difference after their first session. However, as time passes their skin will continue to become tighter, fresher, smoother, and softer. One of the first things you’ll notice is brown spots, fine lines around the eyes, and other wrinkles fading. After subsequent sessions scheduled by your doctor, you will begin to notice increasingly youthful and healthy skin that glows and feels fresh.

What are the risks?

Because of the unique use of Fraxel lasers, there are a few risks that can be minimized. That said treated skin can at first be very sensitive and special care needs to be taken in order to minimize adverse reactions because of it. Most of the risks associated with the procedure will disappear with a week of treatment which will include burns, blanching, redness, scabbing, hypo-pigmentation, itching, infection, cold sores, itching etc.