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What Are The Different Kinds Of Facial Plastic Surgery



Of late, there has been a tremendous increase in footfall in the New York facial plastic surgery clinics, and according to the cosmetic surgeons, more and more regular people from all walks of life are getting interested in facial cosmetic surgeries.

Earlier, it was only considered the privilege of the Hollywood stars. Still, now the tables have turned, and everyone from the front desk executive to make vacuum cleaner salesman seems to be getting interested in going under the knife for a facial makeover. Here are some critical facts that would help you make an informed choice.

What is facial plastic surgery all about? Just a couple of decades back, facial plastic surgery meant removing muscles and tissues from the face and restructuring different parts of the face to give it a new look. In most of the cases, the surgery was performed whenever someone had some congenital disabilities or has had an accident.

We are not saying that those things have become obsolete now, but facial plastic surgery now typically stands for a combination of Botox, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment. There has been a tremendous trend shift in the mindsets of people over the last couple of years, and facial plastic surgery is no longer considered a treatment for ironing out imperfections on the face attributed to genetic defects or accidents. It is now mostly considered as a joke from minor facial flaws that a person does not feel comfortable to live with.

If you think your nose is too big or you have somewhat drooping eyelids or there are just too many lines and wrinkles on your face, a simple solution comes in the form of facial plastic surgery.

So, what does this do? The bottom line is people need to look a couple of years younger, and there is a plethora of different products and treatments that can take away a couple of years off the face. Botox, for example, is a neurotoxin that is typically used for paralyzing the small muscles on the face.

The paralysis of the muscles prevents them from contracting and creating wrinkles that are so very horrifying to some people. After a lot of experimentation, the doctors have been able to nail the perfect spots for Botox injections, and it is now, and US FDA approved drug for the removal of lines and wrinkles on the face. That sounds great, but Botox alone would not be able to take care of it all. The facial fillers are used to fill up the small pits and scars created by acne and accidental cuts.

A combination of Botox and fillers is going to give you a facial skin devoid of contours. Both of these treatments would offer you temporary solutions, and you might need to repeat the processes a couple of times to have longer-lasting effects. The other popular ingredients of facial plastic surgery include microdermabrasion and laser treatment. Both of these methods are used to speed up the growth cycle of the skin, and that gives you a fresh coat of skin every couple of days.