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Dysport vs. Botox: Wrinkle Treatment



With so many products and treatments available to eliminate wrinkles, which one is best? Many might say Botox. Did you know there’s a new injectable in town that may perform even better? Dysport was developed in the United Kingdom a few decades ago and has been used overseas ever since. An injectable similar to Botox, Dysport treats lines and immobilizes muscles. The Federal Drug Administration approved the treatment in April 2009. Dysport and Botox are both made from botulinum toxin Type A. Both treatments reduce lines and furrows through immobilization, and both are injected in the same manner.

To diminish or prevent creases caused by facial gestures, Dysport is injected around the expression lines. Dysport can be used to avoid or improve expression lines but will not help with wrinkles caused by other factors. Dysport is an excellent choice for those who have developed antibodies to Botox.

Study suggests Dysport works better

A study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery compared the two treatments. Ninety people participating in the study were injected with both treatments over 30 days. Botox was used on one side of the face and Dysport on the other. The split-face study allowed a better comparison because different people react differently to the same treatment. Dysport was rated more effective than Botox at treating crow’s feet. About two-thirds of participants preferred the side of their face treated by Dysport. More studies will have to do before a definitive conclusion can be reached.

Dysport has other benefits

However, Dysport, which is said to be cheaper, is giving Botox a run for its money. Dysport has additional benefits besides the edge on crow’s feet and cost. The treatment is said to work more quickly than Botox. Dysport shaves an estimated two to three days off Botox’s response time. Botox takes three to five days to see results; Dysport takes only one to two. Wrinkles have faded in as little as 24 hours in some cases. If you have a hot date tomorrow, which would you choose?

Studies have also shown that Dysport keeps wrinkles from coming back for six months to a year. This is a significant improvement over Botox’s three-month expiration. This factor could also keep costs down. A patient would need two or more Botox treatments in the same time frame.

Eliminating wrinkles is a risky but lucrative business. It’s refreshing to know Botox no longer holds the monopoly. Consumers now have more choices at the doctor’s office.