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Deodorant Allergy Causes Prevention and Treatment



Deodorant allergy causes prevention and treatment

Many people suffer from a deodorant allergy, which can be irritating, painful, and very inconvenient. The symptoms that they will experience vary in severity but can include an itchy rash along with redness and swelling of the skin. It is fair to say that a deodorant allergy is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Causes of deodorant allergy

Every deodorant contains a number of ingredients to help the wearer prevent body odor and reduce the amount that they sweat. A deodorant allergy occurs when the body reacts to one of the substances. Then, the immune system decides that the substance in question is hostile and that it needs to defend against it.

It does this by releasing a number of chemicals into the area, including histamines, and this is what causes an allergic reaction. A deodorant allergy is not only caused by someone using a new product. In fact, it is more commonly caused by an existing product and a build-up of the allergen over a long period of time.

The most common allergen that people react to is fragrances. Even deodorants that say they are un-perfumed may contain some fragrance to mask the smell of another ingredient.


Someone that knows they have a deodorant allergy will have to make sure that they avoid a specific product or ingredient that causes the allergic reaction. For some people, this is relatively easy because it relates to a single product.

However, for others it will be more difficult to identify the allergen and may require them to visit their doctor or dermatologist for a patch test. This involves them putting tiny amounts of a substance onto the patient’s skin and measuring the reaction.

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It is relatively painless and the patient may experience a little soreness or itching on the small area of skin being tested. But, that will fade within 30 minutes to an hour once the test has been completed.

Treatment of deodorant allergy

The main forms of treatment that people use when they are having an allergic reaction to deodorant include:

– dual-use of an over the counter topical cortisone cream

– an oral anti-histamine tablet, both of which can be brought directly from the local pharmacy.

The first thing that a person should do is gently clean the affected area of skin. Make sure that no trace of the allergen remains using warm water and fragrance-free soap or detergent.

They then need to allow the affected area to dry completely but should refrain from using a towel, which could be too coarse. A soft clean dry cloth is preferable, either that or lets the area air dry.

Then spread the cortisone cream over the skin, which should offer immediate relief from itching and soreness. Oral antihistamines will slow down the immune system’s production of histamine and stop the reaction from becoming worse.

If the skin is broken and weeping then it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible. To prevent infection from setting in and if someone is suffering from hives then they should also seek the advice of their doctor before starting any over the counter treatments.