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Enjoy Special Days Responsibly



Overcoming the temptation to drink with a modern medical approach

The calendar year is marked with many opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and family.  Whether you are just gathering for a Sunday dinner or celebrating an event, these opportunities can be memorable. However, they do come with a measure of responsibility.

If you are going to be somewhere that you know alcohol will be consumed, you need to be responsible about it. The impacts of drunk driving have been well documented. Some of the statistics may surprise you, others may horrify you.

Responsibility begins at the party

Avoiding a DUI begins long before you get back in your car to drive home. As you arrive at the party location, there are steps you can take to ensure your safety later on. First, if you are the designated driver inform your host of your important role. Second, if you are hosting the event do not be afraid to collect keys from all of your guests.

This may seem a bit odd, but it is a good safety measure. Third, know when to switch to non-alcoholic drinks. For example, if you are gathered to watch the Super Bowl, cut off the flow of alcohol as the second half begins.  This should give those who are driving home plenty of time to sober up. If you have guests who are still a little intoxicated, invite them to a sleepover.

Targeted Campaigns

Super Bowl Sunday, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve all have one thing in common. These are days when the number of people drinking and driving tends to increase. With that in mind, companies and law enforcement agencies design specific campaigns to combat drinking and driving.

For example, the campaign to keep fans safe during Super Bowl weekend is referred to as Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk. This means that while you enjoy the game, do so responsibly. If you see someone who appears intoxicated, do not let that person get behind the wheel.

Another very visual campaign targets high school students during the prom and graduation season. Typically the campaign involves the remains of a wrecked car being placed on or near school property. The car is a reminder of what can happen if the student(s) decide to drink and drive.

When the Campaigns Don’t Work

No matter how many times we hear don’t drink and drive, the message doesn’t always get through. When this occurs, DUIs can happen. The result of this can range from citations to loss of license or even jail time.  If you are accused of a DUI, then it is important you get the best DUI lawyer you can. These men and women will be able to help you navigate the legal road ahead.