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Healthcare Home Delivery: Who Benefits Most From This First-Class Service?



The elderly and infirm around the UK rely on the services of professional logistics firms in order to access vital medicines that keep them healthy day-to-day. Without this important service they would have to either rely on the help of relatives and friends to collect their medicines, or leave their home in order to pick up the items themselves.

A healthcare home delivery service is often offered by professional logistics companies who provide a flexible solution to the logistical problems experienced by Primary Care Trusts and Health Boards nationwide. The benefits to the health service include:

  • Access to a bespoke, flexible service that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual Primary Care Trusts in the UK
  • A cost-effective solution to the problem of reliable handling and distribution of drugs and other vital medical supplies
  • Discreet delivery service to vulnerable patients, using unmarked white vans and specially-trained staff who are all CRB-checked
  • One point-of-contact within the logistics firm, allowing for easy communication if changes need to be made to a delivery

One of the main considerations for any Primary Care Trust is the cost of buying an outsourced service, but by using the facilities of a professional logistics firm it is possible for them to budget effectively, reduce storage and delivery costs, and be confident that their patients are being well looked after.

Healthcare home delivery nationwide

One of the main advantages of outsourcing any logistics function is the availability of nationwide storage facilities that are close to ports, airports, and major road and rail networks. These facilities are strategically placed to allow greater flexibility of delivery routes and to enable quick and easy pick-up and delivery of goods.

Elderly and infirm patients across the country benefit from this set-up, as the bespoke nature of the service provided by the logistics company allows for changes in orders so that even if the load carried is smaller than usual, patients are still able to receive their vital medicines.

This essential service has the convenience and welfare of patients at its heart, and the importance of this is not lost on logistics firms that go the extra mile to ensure that life-saving medical supplies reach their intended user on time. Without healthcare home delivery, the health and wellbeing of the elderly in this country would suffer greatly, and the cost-effective nature of the service would be lost.