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Dentists In Ottawa For Children And Families



Ottawa: the capital city of Canada. Initially founded for agricultural and trade purposes, it is now a locus for political and technological advances in Canada. However, some things never change regardless of what city you are in. One of those things is the need for dental care for each individual. With over 800,000 people living in Ottawa, there are a lot of individuals who need professionals to partner with them in looking after their teeth and gums, and dentists in Ottawa must be numerous to serve such a large patient population.

Some dentists in Ottawa choose to specialize in their work towards a specific population. As such, they may only serve children in a pediatric dentistry clinic. By making this choice, they are free to decorate the waiting area and the examination rooms with kid-friendly themes.

This helps to calm down children who are otherwise afraid of visiting the dentist. Pediatric dentists in Ottawa often have informational posters that are specifically geared towards children. These posters can have illustrations of the mouth, labeling the teeth and showing the contrast between healthy and unhealthy teeth and gums.

They may also provide literature for kids in the form of pamphlets that explain the best way to brush and floss teeth. They also help a child choose the best foods to eat for healthy teeth, emphasizing the importance of choosing foods with less sugar content instead of candy and processed desserts.

Other dentists in Ottawa offer family dentistry so that parents and their children can have the same doctor in charge of their teeth. They may have generic examination rooms or have some specifically for adults and some specifically for children, with smaller equipment to fit their needs and posters and themed decorations more appropriate for kids.

Family dentistry is a convenient way to help families cut down on the time they spend running errands, as mom or dad can also schedule their appointment at the same time as their child’s appointment.

Dentists who offer family care provide the usual cleaning and examination services, helping to educate patients about periodontal disease, which is the gum disease known as gingivitis. When a patient’s gums are bleeding or sensitive, it may be caused by plaque buildup in the mouth that leads to tooth decay. Bacteria processes food that has not been brushed away, turning it into plaque. An increase of plaque turns into tartar, which can eat away at a tooth. This decay is known as a cavity.

For the treatment of cavities, the doctor must drill out the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it back in with a metal or porcelain material to restore the shape of the tooth. This procedure is both for adults and children and usually requires a topical anesthetic so that the tooth drilling will not cause undue pain.

Some dentists in Ottawa, even if they already offer pediatric or family dentistry, also choose to provide cosmetic dentistry. If their facility is large enough and they have the staff necessary to make it possible, they can take care of implants, dentures, orthodontics, and other procedures of cosmetic dentistry. For patients whose teeth are crooked, they may offer braces or other straightening methods such as trays or other forms of teeth apparatus. They may do surgery for implanting false teeth roots so that a false tooth can be permanently installed where one has been lost.

They may also form dentures for those who need multiple tooth replacements and for whom implants is not an option. For a choice in between, a bridge may suffice to replace multiple missing teeth when one does not need a full set of dentures. Dentists in Ottawa who specialize in cosmetic dentistry may also put crowns on teeth that can still be saved but need to be re-shaped or protected from further decay. These crowns may be metallic or made from another material that is closer to the natural tooth color, such as porcelain or ceramic. The strongest yet still natural-looking option is a metal crown that has a porcelain cover fused to it.