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Neurological Surgeons Saving People’s Lives



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Neurological surgeons are some of the most important people in the medical field. They specialize in all aspects of the nervous system, dealing with the brain, spinal cord, and more. They attend almost 10 years worth of schooling to hone their skills. Advances in neurosurgery have helped these doctors save the lives of patients with potentially fatal diseases and ailments.


A neurological surgeon uses microsurgery to perform various lifesaving procedures. They can use this to clip dangerous aneurysms and do minimally invasive spinal surgeries. It can also be used to remove portions of a herniated nucleus pulpous, a vertebral bone is known as the lamina, and implant artificial disks.

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

Neurosurgeons use minimally invasive endoscopic surgery frequently as well. It is most commonly used to remove possibly fatal pituitary tumors. They also treat Rathke pouch tumors that also form in the pituitary glands. These tumors are usually found in children and people in their 50’s or 60’s. This technique can also be implored to fix leaking cerebrospinal fluid. Cranioplasty, which is also included in this category, is used to treat deformities and defects of the skull.

Other Fatal Conditions

These methods are also used to treat a plethora of other conditions. Neurological surgeons specifically work on any traumatic head injury. A fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging is very life-threatening. They are highly skilled in dealing with these issues. Most types of spinal injuries are also dealt with by these surgeons. They perform surgery on spinal injuries including, but not limited to, herniated disks, lumbar spinal stenosis, and any spinal cord trauma. Also, any cancer present in the spine or brain is treated by a neurological surgeon. Disorders caused by Parkinson’s disease and others are treated using stereotactic techniques. This usually consists of ablative surgery and deep brain stimulation.

Neurosurgeons treat some of the worst ailments known to man. The brain and spine are two of the most important and vulnerable parts of the human body. Treating cancerous tumors in these locations is one of the most important jobs of a neurological surgeon. Without them, these conditions would almost certainly prove to be fatal. Aside from that, they are experts in treating and preventing a number of movement and psychiatric disorders that can bring about death in many patients. When someone visits a neurosurgeon, that surgeon may be all that stands between them and certain death.