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Exercises To Do After Spinal Surgery



It can take a long time for a patient to fully recover after spinal surgery, this means that post-rehabilitation is very important. Exercise is key to a speedy recovery; the intensity of this should be gradually increased until the patient is able to return to their daily activities.


Walking can help align the vertebral columns while not irritating the spine; by doing this nutrients will easily reach injured tissues, meaning that the patient can heal faster.

Various Water Activities

Regular swimming is not recommended after surgery, but mild activities such as water aerobics will provide a thorough work out but at a low intensity. Water supports body weight and this allows a feeling of low gravity setting. Compressive spinal column forces will be reduced and the recovery is faster.

Stability Based Stretching

After soft tissues are completely healed, which can take up to three weeks, stretching exercises are recommended. These stretching exercises should be performed daily to gradually regain the motion range.


Yoga can help aid the recovery as this will build up core muscle; while also helping you to gain range of motion, flexibility, and coordination skills. However, yoga involves twisting and flexing so you need medical advice if you want to start using this rehabilitation method.

Stationary Bikes

Exercise bikes will give you a complete body workout; while maintaining a low impact on the spine. Before doing this exercise, make sure that your seat needs to be properly aligned so that pressure is not put onto your back and spine. Begin with low resistance on the bike, so that strength can be built at a gradual pace. As time passes, slowly increase resistance levels, before doing this it is best to check with the GP. You do not want to push the body too hard if the spine cannot handle the pressure; this may result in damaging the spine rather than healing it.

Recovery is just as important as the actual spinal surgery; rehabilitation is a necessity in order to avoid further spine aggravation and complications. Keep in contact with an expert in Physiotherapy in Essex, Birmingham, London, and throughout the UK, so that you can alert them if you feel pain during workouts. If you feel pain in your back area at any point in time, stop and see what the problem is, under no circumstances should you work through the pain or simply ignore it.