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Wrist Injuries and the Many Ways They Can Occur



Wrist injuries are very inconvenient and can make a large amount of life’s little tasks annoying or painful. These could be chores around the house, such as cleaning dishes or doing laundry, tending to the garden, or even different types of hobbies or entertainment (such as bowling or knitting). The wrist is used much more than many realize. Generally, it does take a painful wrist for one to truly recognize just how much he or she does with the wrist. No matter how the injury may occur, if it is at the fault of another, you should immediately visit an information site so that you can find out whether or not you have a legitimate claim.


You could be out shopping, and before you know it, you are headed straight to the floor. You try to reach out to break your fall, but you end up fracturing your wrist instead. These types of accidents happen all of the time, and it is widespread in stores that do not practice quick clean-ups. When a jar is broken, or soda is spilled, for example, it needs to be attended to before a customer obliviously slips and falls over it.  On hard floors, these injuries can be particularly serious; and the humiliation that comes with the fall is not a sought after feeling, either.

Work Accidents

The same scenario pointed out above is also a possibility in unkempt workplaces. Still, many wrist injuries that have ties to a workplace tend to occur over some time. Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis are risks for those who work behind a computer all day, every day. Employers are responsible for putting ergonomic tools in place for these employees to reduce the chances of injuries resulting from continued or repetitive actions. If you suffer from an accident due to the carelessness of an employer, you can inquire about the accident at work claims from First4Lawyers. This will help you to get on the right track to compensation.


Sports are a common cause for a menagerie of injuries, as individuals very well place themselves in a position to be hurt. This is especially true for sports such as baseball and football. As for the wrist, baseball can be very dangerous. The wrists help to absorb the weight of the bat and transfer a lot of pressure. It is not challenging to strain your wrist in this sport. Braces are suggested in any play that can place great strain on particular joints.

Vehicle Accidents

There is no limit to the types of injuries that automobile accidents can cause. Personal injury lawyers tend to occupy themselves with mainly these types of damages as they occur continuously. Above the rest, these are perhaps the most common injuries that are caused at the fault of another. When you are driving and see another vehicle coming towards you at an alarming speed, your first instinct tends to be tensing up and grasping with all of your might; if your hands are on the steering wheel and your arms are stiff, a majority of the shock will affect your wrists.

There are a significant number of ways that you can injure your wrists, whether it is done in a fraction of a second or over a considerable period. Wrist injuries are excruciating, and can ultimately affect your quality of life.