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Three Do-It-Yourself Remedies For Carpal Tunnel



There are many job tasks and leisure activities we engage in today that wear our poor little fingers out. Repetitive use of hands similar to working on an assembly line can lead to a very painful condition known as carpal tunnel. I myself have quit a job over the carpal tunnel. It woke me up at night with my hands feeling they were three times their normal size. They hurt and there was nothing I could do about it. However, had I known about natural home treatments I probably could have kept that job (which paid pretty good and I needed it).

People can get Carpal Tunnel from anything from assembly line work to using their computer mouse (I’m really glad the computer mouse doesn’t affect me). When you feel a tingling sensation and numbness with pain it is time to see your doctor because it could be Carpal Tunnel. Once the doctor decides this is indeed what your problem is there are some things you can do at home to help your condition. Here are three things you can do yourself at home to treat your Carpal Tunnel-

(1). Simple Exercises

This little 2-step exercise is good for Carpal Tunnel sufferers. The first step requires you to make a fist and slowly unfold your fingers up from that position until they are all pointing straight up. Do this 10 times. The second step is to make a fist again. Now open your hand and spread your fingers apart stretching them as far as they will go. Do this 10 times as well. These exercises will help with swelling and pain.

(2). Treat With Diet

You can also help your Carpal Tunnel at home through your diet. Vitamin B6 has been proven to relieve as much as 85% of the symptoms and pain brought on by the Carpal Tunnel. Taking B6 daily for a couple of months will see a big improvement. You can take supplements or get B6 from things like avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, salmon, chickpeas, pork, sunflower seeds, brown rice, and potatoes. Another great healer of the Carpal Tunnel is Garlic. Most people keep it in the home. Eating one or two of the cloves every day can ‘in time’ be a permanent cure.

(3). Yoga

Carpal Tunnel involves the median nerve. Yoga exercises will increase your blood circulation throughout the entire body which helps the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Increased blood supply will speed up the recovery of any area having trouble.

Many people quit jobs (like me) or resort to surgery (I would rather bear the pain) because of Carpal Tunnel. In many cases, both of these options can be avoided altogether. There are many more home remedies you can try like these mentioned above to deal with Carpal Tunnel at home. Do a little research and educate yourself and give some of these a try before taking any measures as drastic as surgery or losing a job. I have had friends with Carpal Tunnel and I can vouch that not all Carpal Tunnel surgeries end up with a good report.