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What To Do If You Feel Pain In A Tooth



It can be very stressful and painful to be stuck with a toothache that won’t go away. It’s really important for you to take a toothache seriously because there are a lot of causes for toothaches that can be pretty serious if they are left alone. Let’s look at the various causes of tooth pain.

One of the more common causes of tooth pain is when they are sensitive to hot or cold substances. This type of tooth pain is likely to affect more than one tooth and happen when you are drinking something cold or hot. Sinus troubles can also cause tooth pain, however, it’s often the case that this affects all of the teeth or at least more than one tooth as well.

If you are a person who grinds their teeth or has jaw joint problems, this can cause your teeth to be painful or sensitive. Your dentist might give you a mouth guard to help you to prevent night grinding of the teeth. If you’ve had work done to your mouth, like a root canal or similar, you can expect your tooth to remain a little bit sensitive for a while after these types of procedures.

This is pretty normal, but you should let your dentist know anyway if you are experiencing pain because there might be a more serious problem, like an infection. An emergency dentist in North Shore can help you with any kind of teeth problems that come up on an emergency basis.

If you are experiencing pain in just one tooth, this could mean a number of different problems, especially if it hurts when you use your teeth to chew. This could mean that you have a filling that has come loose, a broken tooth, a new cavity, or damage to the pulp of your tooth. If you get pain for longer than a half-hour after you eat, this can mean that you have damage to the pulp of the tooth. This can also mean that you have a cavity.

If you have had damage to the tooth-like in a fall, this is something else that can cause pain for your tooth. You need to get in touch with an emergency dentist in North Shore if the pain in your tooth is keeping you from sleeping at night. You should also get in touch with an emergency dentist in North Shore if you have problems in the day time because of your tooth pain.

It’s really important to get in touch with a dentist because some tooth problems can be really bad and some can even be fatal. An abscessed tooth can cause death because it comes along with a dangerous infection that spreads. If you find yourself with tooth pain or an emergency tooth problem after your regular dentist’s hours, you can get help from an emergency dentist North Shore to help you get the problem fixed. In the meantime, taking some over the counter pain medication will probably help with your pain until you can be seen by the emergency dentist.