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The Quest for Trendy, Comfortable, Healthy Shoes



I’ve always admired fashion bloggers and celebrities for wearing incredible shoes on the streets. I find myself in awe of them for surviving the torture of walking around town in towering platforms and sky-high stilettos. Yes, shoes are one of the essential elements of an outfit, but it seems that awesome shoes usually don’t go hand in hand with comfort. Thus, I embarked on a quest with my wife to find comfortable shoes that are trendy and fashionable and we found that they do exist – and in some cases can be healthy! Here are a few things that I learned that can help you on your own quest.

Material is Everything

The comfort of shoes depends on the material they are made of. Generally, leather shoes are far more comfortable than those made of synthetic materials. Leather is softer and will mold to your foot, creating the shoe more and more comfortable as they begin to wear. Synthetic leather materials, such as polyurethane, are often harder and do not stretch or mold, often causing blisters on your feet. I have also found that my feet will sweat with synthetic materials and will usually get smelly. Leather will rarely have this effect.

In most cases, you get what you pay for

It’s easy to find knockoffs of shoe styles made by higher-end brands. Whether it is the craftsmanship, materials used, or design, there is always a reason why the higher priced shoes are more expensive. Yes, we might not be able to afford the more top-quality shoe, but try and find knockoffs that are still made by a reputable brand and have decent quality. I like to shop for shoes at outlets, discount stores, or sales. This way, I still get high-quality shoes at affordable prices. You can also take advantage of DSW coupon codes at Groupon to help make those more top quality shoes more accessible.

Work with your foot

Just like not all clothing will fit your body type, not all shoes will fit your foot shape. It is essential to keep this in mind when buying shoes. If your feet are narrow, then go for sturdy shoes that will hold your foot in place and minimize sliding and movement with walking. If your foot is swishing all over the place when you walk, you will end up with painful blisters and chafing. You want shoes that will not squish your feet if you have wide feet. Try purchasing full sizes and avoid overly pointy toes that will be painful for your feet.

Wedge, Wedge, Wedge!

My wife thinks that wedges are the best shoes ever created. She is only five feet tall and can rarely have the luxury of not wearing heels. Her pants will drag or her outfit will look disproportionate. She has found wedge shoes to be her best friend. She has lower and more casual wedges for the day and sky-high wedges for evening looks. She even wears dressier, sequined wedges to weddings and formal events. These shoes will distribute your weight evenly throughout your foot making walking easier and more comfortable.

They are also ideal for walking on uneven surfaces or streets. Lower wedges or even flatforms are very comfortable for walking around town. Just keep in mind that not all wedges are 100% satisfied, so look for good quality brands and materials.

Keep in mind the weather

It is imperative to consider the weather when buying shoes. I will never forget my first trip to the Big Apple, where all my wife took was a pair of suede boots and suede ballerina flats. It rained the entire trip, and she ended up with cold feet, ruined shoes, and a $200 pair of rain boots that was all we could find. If you live in a sweltering and dry city, then purchase shoes made with lightweight, breathable materials. Growing up in a beach city, all I wore practically year-round were sandals.

When I visit and forget to pack my sandals, I end up with dirty, stinky feet. If you live in a rainy city, then purchase rubber shoes made for walking in the rain. This way, you will never be caught off guard by an unexpected shower.

Comfort Brands are not just for your grandparents

One of our most significant discoveries in this quest is that brands that I thought only belonged in my grandmother’s closet also have treasures in store for young women. Comfort shoes have become trendier and trendier over the years and have been coming up with styles for younger customers. Look for classic styles that will go with a variety of outfits. These shoes will be wearable and will make your day so much more comfortable.