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The Impact of Having a Good and Comfortable Shoes in our Health



The impact of having a good and comfortable shoes in our health

Your feet are an important part of your body and help you to move around. When you are choosing which shoes to wear, you should have this in mind and must consider shoes that are perfectly fitting. The reason is that shoes that do not fit your feet well could have a negative effect on your feet health and could lead to complications that will eventually result in expensive treatment. With the wrong footwear, you will make short-term complications long-term and this could put your life in misery.

Prevent short-term Problems

You can damage your feet with ill-fitting shoes and in some cases you will get conditions like corns, which are plugs of hard dead skin that accumulates over some bony prominence. The plugs happen due to prolonged pressure on that area and will occur when you choose to wear poorly fitting shoes. Buying shoes that are too loose could also lead to problems as your feet will constantly keep rubbing, which could lead to lesions.

Shield Nails from Damage

You can also introduce fungal problems to your nails if you are not careful to choose perfect fitting shoes. When you wear shoes that don’t fit well, pressure exerted on toes will push skin into your nail plate and this could lead to swelling and pain. Bad shoes will create room for fungal infections on your toenails, and this is manifested through the discoloration of the nail. You could damage your self esteem especially if you are someone who shows up occasionally at beach parties or places where you will not need to cover your feet.

Prevent athlete’s foot

You could also get athlete’s foot when you wear t wrong shoes. That is why you need to check the recommended shoes found on to ensure you don’t expose your feet to a myriad of diseases and problems. In case you are wondering athlete’s feet is caused by fungal infections, and it leads to intense itching, flaking of the skin, and inflammation. It usually affects sweaty and damp areas of your feet, which is mostly the area between toes, so to prevent the problem get shoes that are perfectly fitting.

Prevent Back Pain

Good shoes will protect you from getting back pain, which usually happens when you wear shoes that strain your back when walking. It is advisable to consider low shoes as much as possible and when you wear heels ensure they are made well and not don’t use them for long.

Prevent Joint Pain

Overloading for a long period of time due to using shoes that don’t offer sufficient support will lead to joint problems including arthritis and knee pain. This is especially manifested in those who wear high heels for prolonged periods of time, so if you can choose shoes that don’t strain your joints it would be more suitable.

You could sink in a myriad of problems when you wear shoes that don’t fit well. Some people will get fungal infections from wearing the wrong shoes while others could suffer from back and joint pain. All these cases can be prevented through choosing the most ideal shoes and wearing those that can cause problems for shorter durations.