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What Are Home Remedies For Curing Coughs?



The next time that pesky cough makes its unwelcome appearance, consider home remedies. Products on the market can be costly and often mask the problem. They can also raise blood pressure, cause drowsiness, and make one irritable. Home remedies could be the answer when other methods have failed.

Try a Cup of Tea

Hot tea is often recommended for cough relief. It is especially effective for that tickly feeling at the back of the throat that won’t go away or to soothe a throat worn raw from a persistent cough. Choose a tea of personal preference, such as black tea, green tea, chamomile, and herbal blends. Two tablespoons of honey can really quiet bouts of coughing. Another creative combination is tea with lemon and ginger. Try a variety and compare.

Don’t Forget to Gargle!

Whether fits of coughing are due to a cold, flu, or an irritated throat, gargling salt water is often helpful. Use warm water to dissolve the salt and add a few tablespoons to an eight-ounce glass. Gargle several times a day. It will actually help to soothe the throat. In turn, coughing attacks may be quieted as well. Sometimes, gargling even seems to make an illness go away. Lemon juice and warm water is another alternative.

Remember the Honey!

Besides being a helpful additive to tea, honey is an effective remedy to quiet coughing at night. Try two teaspoons of raw honey shortly after dinner. The result will be cough relief that will ensure a better night’s rest.

Breathe in Warm Steam

Take advantage of warm steam to loosen the mucus in the lungs and sinus passages. There are a few ways to have a personal steam bath. Take warm showers and let the water beat on the chest and back while inhaling the steam. A long soak in the tub can also prove to be effective. Add warm water to a vaporizer or fill a pan with hot water, lean over it, and cover the head with a towel while breathing in the vapor. Repeat on a daily basis, several times a day if necessary, until the cough improves.

Reach in the Candy Jar!

The licorice root has been a remedy for coughs and lung problems for days from long ago. Pure licorice sticks will work best. They should be sliced up and steeped in a quart of hot water. Wait for twenty-four hours and then use it as a drink. It can be accompanied by honey.

A Drop of Whiskey

Try only a few drops of whiskey. The results can be surprising!

Try Staying Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to help keep dryness at bay and quiet a cough. Lozenges or hard candy can always be soothing as well.

If a cough becomes chronic or is accompanied by a fever, it is time to see the doctor. This may be a serious, underlying condition that needs immediate attention.