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How To Recover If You Have Side Effects From Supplements



Bodybuilders and athletes are known to build up their bodies and remain fit by carrying out a wide range of exercises and workout sessions. Besides these exercises, such people have to put the right efforts to have a proper diet.

During these efforts, many sportsmen (even other people trying for weight loss) tend to use a number of protein supplements as these products play almost a magical role in making the body free from these ailments the best. But when you see loads of benefits of these protein supplements, you get to see several side effects or negative impact of these proteins.

Despite the fact that these products are nutritionally very good and help in getting the right support health goal, yet the reality is a bit complex. Thanks to the number of side effects you encounter via these products. Sometimes the side effects are very much serious than it appears. There are ways to recover from these side effects. Now, let’s check some of the side effects and the ways to recover from these in the following paragraphs as under:

Dehydration and the way to deal with it

The most common negative effect of protein supplements is dehydration. This is because the high amount of protein in these supplements has a direct impact on the hydration process of your body. As per the recent studies conducted by the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut, the protein supplements bring in the issue of dehydration. Also, this study vouched for the higher amount of nitrogen in these supplements in the body for people consuming the same, which hampers the function of the kidney to some extent.

Now, how to avert this problem or recover from this negative impact of these supplements is a big concern for people encountering this setback. In order to avoid this issue of dehydration, the best bet would be to have as much water as you can. In fact, this problem only comes for people who do not consume enough amount of water. A daily 8 to 10 glass of water can really work wonder for people consuming the protein supplements.

Ketosis and the ways to deal with it

Another issue, which you can encounter while consuming these protein supplements is Ketosis. By consuming loads of protein and having tons of protein shakes can lead to a number of side effects including Ketosis. It is a starvation condition, which brings in the issue of fat breakdown that is basically a conversion of fats over the ketones. The Ketones consume glucose to get activated, which brings in a serious kind of damage to the liver function.

In several cases, this damage can cost the life of a person encountering this problem. In some of the cases, this kind of damage is simply called a life-threatening issue as it brings in the problem of liver failure. But the people who rely on the low carbohydrate food call it as efficient diet feel that ketosis is a vital process, which brings in a significant weight loss. The best way to deal with it is to rely on a proper exercise and then have them with the prescribed format.

Osteoporosis and the ways to deal with it

As per the recent studies carried out at the University of California in San Francisco came to a conclusion that the people who are seen consuming protein supplements in different forms like shakes (with acidic foods) are more likely to encounter fractures.

The protein supplements simply boost up the acidic level found in the blood. This is the basic reason why you will see people start relying on these products via the bone calcium simply to get back their original (normal) blood level.

This entire thing will bring in issues called the osteoporosis and several kinds of arthritis. Hence, anyone who is seen consuming these supplements on a regular basis can only avert this problem by having a balanced diet, if your diet is improper and without the required balance in it, it will certainly bring in this side effect. So taking care of your diet will help you in recovering from this problem.

Kidney Stones and the ways of dealing with it

By consuming these supplements you can increase the protein levels, which can hamper the normal kidney functions and bring in problems like calcium buildup in the kidneys. This simply brings in problems like numerous kidney diseases including kidney stones. The kidney stones can bring in problems like severe kind of abdominal pain, night fever, blood in urine, night sweats, etc. Again, the best solution to avert this problem is through consuming loads of water.

Final word

The protein supplements can be a boon to many people; however, these can cost you several side effects. But don’t worry; you have ways to avert these negative effects as discussed above.