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Organic Vs. Regular Supplements



In an ideal world, we would all receive the necessary vitamins and minerals from eating a healthy and balanced diet. Most of us try to eat properly, and yet it can be difficult to eat a diet that gives us all the nutrition we need, especially given our increasing reliance on frozen meals and fast food- things that should be an occasional indulgence, rather than part of our daily diet.

So many of us make the smart decision to supplement our diets by taking additional vitamins and minerals, usually in pill form. But what are we putting into our bodies? Most vitamin supplements contain concentrated dosages of a particular vitamin, but these have been synthesized in a laboratory, and so aren’t the most natural way of getting these additional vitamins and minerals into our bodies. It’s possible to take vitamin supplements in a more natural, organic form, and it’s certainly worth the effort! Let’s look at some of the many benefits of organic supplements.

How Easily Can I Find Organic Supplements?

Organic supplements are quite easy to spot since their organic credentials are usually splashed all over their packaging. While many supermarkets offer a range of vitamin supplements, you will probably need to go to a specialized health food store to find organic supplements.

Which Supplements Should I Take?

This depends entirely on your individual needs. People often find themselves taking a vitamin supplement on the advice of a doctor or healthcare professional who might have noticed a specific vitamin deficiency, and has recommended a certain vitamin as a way for your body to rebound from this deficiency. The American Association for Cancer Research recently presented the findings of a large-scale clinical research project on the effectiveness of vitamin supplements as a form of cancer prevention.

They found that those who took a daily multivitamin pill were 8% less likely to develop certain kinds of cancers. While 8% might not sound like a lot, any way to lessen your chances of developing cancer is great news. You should avoid taking excessive amounts of a specific vitamin, as the build-up of a concentrated vitamin in your bloodstream can lead to toxic levels, which does more harm than good. However, as this research shows, a daily multivitamin can be extremely beneficial to your health, and of course, organic is best!

Why Are Organic Supplements The Best?

Sometimes we all like to take the easy option, such as phoning for a pizza instead of cooking something healthy. But as far as our bodies are concerned, organic vitamin supplements are the easy option. These organic supplements are vitamins and minerals in their natural (albeit a concentrated and refined form), and our body simply absorbs them much more quickly and easily than their synthetic counterparts.

Vitamin supplements are becoming a necessary part of life since many of our lifestyles make it difficult to eat a properly-rounded diet. Sometimes we should take the time to prepare a balanced and healthy meal, but very few people have the time to do this three times each day. Vitamin supplements are an effective way to balance your diet, and organic supplements are the most effective… Your body will thank you.