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Cooking Technology for Cooking Healthy Food



Cooking technology for cooking healthy food

Cooking can be stressful especially for a person who has a full-time job. Many people choose to eat outside or order food from restaurants rather than cooking at home.

However, you don’t have to despair anymore because, with the evolving digital world, various cooking technology techniques have been discovered which have made cooking much more manageable for example, you can choose to cook your healthy food slowly with slow cooker technology as you take care of other businesses or go to work. The Veranda Interiors has reviewed the best slow cookers on the market to make it easy for you to find the right one so that you can start using this cooking technology to cook your food.

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Well before you anywhere, here are the various high-tech cooking tools that make cooking easier and exciting.

Smart Slow Cooker

This is one of the most compelling cooking technology devices being used in many homes. The smart type is different from the traditional one as it has a WeMo technology meaning you can regulate the temperatures with your smartphone whether at home or in the office.

Using the smartphone, you can monitor the progress of food, and if it is ready you can turn the machine off, or you can tell somebody who is at home. The device has a six-quart capacity, and thus you can prepare any meal in that adequate space. Therefore, with the smart slow cooker with WeMo technology, you can cook your favorite meal from the comfort of your office and go home to eat healthy food.


A PancakeBot is a unique machine as it allows you to make pancakes quickly. All you have to prepare is draw a perfectly sized pancake and include all the things you want such as shape, lines, or smileys. Enter the picture or design that you want via SD card, or browse through an online community.

After loading the image, pour butter on the machine and then wait for your perfectly customized pancake. The machine prints out the pancake like a printing machine as it gives you the exact pancake that you loaded on the picture. PancakeBot saves time and helps you to have a healthy breakfast.

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

The Ninja 3-in-1 cooking system is a fantastic cooking tech tool as it has the functionality of a slow cooker, but more so it can both roast and bake food using direct heat and steam infusion. The three functions include an oven, stovetop and the slow-cooker.

The stem infused roasting purpose is used to prepare tasty meats using bottom, side, and steam heating. You have to add water or broth to the meat and slow cook it. The steam infused baking function is used to prepare moist cakes with the combination of direct heat and stem infusion.

The device is long-lasting, easy to clean, and has removable parts. The stovetop can be set to low for simmering, medium for sautéing, or high for searing. The oven has an upgraded digital dial temperature ranging from 250 to 425 degrees timed within six hours. The slow cooker has low, high, and buffet settings.


Gammachef is one of the most exciting kitchen tools which have been developed. With gammachef, you can create many meals in one pot including risottos, rice, pasta, and stew. The machine is loaded with bar-coded plastic containers where the different food types are placed.

With this machine, you have to encrypt your recipe for each food from app, and when cooking, the device heats the pan and adds ingredients according to the recipe. The machine has a robotic arm which takes care of processes such as mixing and stirring. With gammachef, one can concentrate on other businesses in the house and cook several healthy meals at once.

Philips Airfryer

Fried foods are delicious, but they affect your health by bringing health complications and weight issues because of the high contents of fat. Philips Airfryer is a fantastic cooking tool as it can deep fry various foods with only a teaspoon of oil as it mainly uses hot air. It cooks the food quickly, and despite the low fat used to fry, the food will still be crunchy as you please.

Cooking Apps

There are various cooking apps for Apple and Android which you can use to get amazing recipes for your favorite meals. You can mount your iPad or tablet magnetically on the wall and read the recipe step by step on what to do.

There are also apps that assist you with the organization, uniformity, and presentation of food so that your food can look delicious from the outlook. Cocktail apps are also available where you can learn how to mix your favorite healthy drinks. Cooking is no longer a boring activity because with the above technology tools, being in the kitchen is now becoming a hobby for most people.

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