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H pylori treatment- 7 Effective Ways of Saying Goodbye to this Ailment



H pylori treatment- 7 effective ways of saying goodbye to this ailment

The H. Pylori or Helicobacter Pylori are bacteria, which infects the stomach lining. While bringing this issue, the presence of bacteria can even give the other types of ailments as well, which include ulcer diseases and duodenal ulcers.

Though a number of natural treatment options may not flush out the bacteria completely the fact of the matter is these can help in reducing the bacteria at bay. The H Pylori can give a number of issues, which include the superficial gastritis and ulcers, along with giving you the dreaded ailments like gastric cancer.

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The H pylori treatment is often carried out using the triple therapy along with two antibiotics and with the proton pump inhibitor. However, seeking the natural H pylori treatment options can help in getting fewer side effects along with securing your belly, make our bodies to combat infections and thus promote good health. Let’s check some of the natural treatment options for fixing H.Pylori as under:

Treating H Pylori Naturally

When it comes to treating the infection due to H Pylori, there are different approaches to fix them, however, the following are the eight natural ingredients, which can give you an organic method to treat this ailment, have a look as under:

1). Honey

One of the effective ways of treating this ailment is using milk in combination with honey. As we know, honey is known to have rich antibacterial properties as we have seen its use since ages for different ailments. As per different health studies, the Manuka honey is best known to prevent the growth of H Pylori inside the gastric epithelial cells. Several other studies also indicate the fact that with the combination of milk, one can get rid of the infections related to H Pylori. In fact, several studies suggest that the real potential of honey against this disease is still to be leveraged.

2). Leverage the Magic of Aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich treating a broad range of ailments including giving an edge to your skin glow. Some of the diseases, which can be fixed consuming Aloe vera include constipation, different kinds of wounds, digestive issues, and detoxification. In one of the studies, the gel inside the leaves of this plant is known to kill the H pylori strains, and it goes to the extent to help people who remain drug resistant.  If it is used in combination with antibiotics, the healing power multiplies for H plyori infections.

3). Try Lemongrass oil

Rather than ingesting the essential oils, it is recommended to inhale it for treating the ailment like P. Pylori. In other words, it has to be used with an aromatherapy approach to get the best results. The lemongrass essential oil prevents the growth of this ailment called H Pylori and the infection related to this disease. As per different studies, the density of this ailment can be reduced within the stomach in a significant way while treating it with the lemongrass oil.

4). Broccoli sprout

Broccoli sprout is rich with a compound called Sulforaphane, which has the tendency of killing the H pylori. Several health reports suggested that it remains the most effective against other issues like gastric inflammation, which is the byproduct of issues like H pylori.

5). Try Milk

Lactoferrin is rich in glycoprotein, which is found both in cow and mother’s milk. These have proved a strong inhibitory tendency against H Pylori. As per a recent study, if milk is used in combination with antibiotics and lactoferrin, it ended up giving 100 per cent result for the patients in eradicating the H pylori.  It also has a compound known as melanoidin, which has the capacity for preventing this infection. This compound is formed with a chemical reaction with casein milk and the sugar lactose.

6). Green tea

We know green tea to be one of the most effective and healthiest beverages, which is known for its high nutrient and antioxidant value. As per several studies, the green tea is known to have reduced both the inflammation cause to due to various ailments and h pylori infections. People consuming green team are less likely to be the victim of this ailment or the one having P Pylori can become free from it.

7). Probiotics

As per the Food and Agriculture Organization, the probiotics are basically the live microorganisms, which are known to give a number of health benefits. Considering its rich benefits, the use of probiotics for treating H Ppylori and its infection is growing since past few years. When it comes to the types of probiotics, there are several types, however, Bifidobacterium are consumed the most as these are available in different fermented and dairy products. These are also used in fixing the gastrointestinal infection. As per different research studies, Bifidobacterium has better results while fighting H pylori as it flushes out the bacteria seen over the stomach line.

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