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The Bees Knees! Active Honey Can Support Health and Well-being



Honey has enjoyed a prestigious place in medicine for thousands of years.  Civilizations from around the world have used active honey to treat a range of both internal and external ailments.

This really is one of nature’s most amazing products and thanks to modern research we now know more about how honey can help support health and well-being.

Luxury Food and Powerful Healer

The wonderful thing about honey is that not only is it good for you but it also tastes great too.  This natural sweetener can add a real sense of luxury to a range of foods from puddings and cakes through to savory dishes.  Honey is widely used in cooking across the globe and is an essential store cupboard favorite.

Active honey has also been proved to offer powerful antibacterial benefits.  Studies have shown solid evidence to suggest that active Manuka honey in particular can offer unique antibacterial properties that can provide powerful healing for persistent bacterial skin infections.   This means that more and more hospitals are now considering honey as a first-line treatment for serious skin applications.

Why does Active Honey Heal?

I frequently use honey for both cooking and healing.  My grandmother always put honey on bandages before applying to wounds like cuts and grazes.  This tradition has continued in my family as honey has proved highly successful at treating minor wounds.  Until now though we never really knew why honey worked so well.

We now have the benefit of modern research into active honey.  This research has shown some surprising results in why active honey can be so successful at treating wounds and skin infections:

All honey contains enzymes.  These enzymes release an antibacterial chemical known as hydrogen peroxide.  However, these enzymes are fragile and can be easily destroyed by UV light, heat, and also bodily fluids.

Studies have shown that active honey such as Manuka contains an additional antibacterial and antifungal action that is more stable and robust. This is known as UMF.  This means it does not lose its antibacterial activity as significantly when applied to wounds.  The additional action also works in harmony with the hydrogen peroxide to create a powerful dual effect on bacteria.

There is some evidence to suggest that the benefits of active honey can also help with internal problems as well.  Honey is thought to benefit the digestive tract when eaten in small quantities.  Some holistic healers also believe that eating small amounts of honey made in your local area can ease hay fever.

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that active honey is highly supportive of health and well-being.  Honey really is the bee’s knees and an essential natural product no home should be without.