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10 Reasons You Should Thank Your First Love



Everyone has a first love at some time in their life, but not everyone remains with their first love “until death does you part.” In fact, close to 41 percent of first marriages to any love, first, second, or fifth, end in divorce. Though you may fall in, and out, of love several times in your life, there’s nothing that compares to your first love. You learned a lot from that first love of your life, and here are 10 reasons to reach out and thank them:

1.A New Look at Yourself

When you fall in love with someone, and they with you, you begin to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. You are encouraged to become a better person. You also gain confidence and a sense of self that you may not have had before.

2. Your Ego Takes a Backseat

Think back to a time in your life when you were the most important thing in your life. Chances are that time occurred before you fell in love. Your first love made you realize that there are people in the world that are just as, if not more, important than yourself.

3. Looks Don’t Matter

When you were a teenager flipping through the pages of fan magazines, everyone was beautiful. When you began to date, you dated people you were attracted to. Falling in love made you realize that there were more important things than looks; a lesson that you carry with you to this day.

4.Crush Vs. Love

Your first love taught you a valuable lesson: Crushing on someone is not the same as loving them. When you have a crush on someone, the slightest imperfection can instantly sabotage your feelings. When you love someone, those little imperfections are what you find adorable, if not at least tolerable.

5. You Have New Skills

When you fell in love, you wanted to become a better person. Thanks to that desire, you learned to cook, sew, clean, enjoy new music, participate in new activities and so much more. If it weren’t for that first love, you’d never know how to whip up that culinary masterpiece.

6. All Families are Crazy

Until you fall in love for the first time, you can feel isolated by your family’s weirdness. When you take on a partner, you quickly realize that all families have issues. Falling in love made you realize that your family isn’t so bad after all.


Before you fell in love with someone, the art of compromise was something that you lacked. When you share your life with another person, compromise becomes key. Once you learned how a compromise could work in your benefit, you never forgot it.

8.The Shell Broke

When you were single, you were insular and isolated. As part of a couple, you were out and social. Your first love helped you enjoy life more than you ever had before.

9. Your Heart Broke

It doesn’t matter who ends the relationship; when your first love comes to a screeching halt, it hurts; bad. You got over it and learned that you could survive even the worst heartbreak. In turn, you became a stronger, better person.

10.More to Offer

Thanks to all of the lessons you learned from your first love, you were able to offer more to your next love. Although nothing can beat the excitement of falling in love for the first time, your second love will be better, stronger, and more mature.

There are over one billion people on the Internet; there’s nothing holding you back from reconnecting with your first love. Why not look them up and tell them thanks? After all, the new you has a lot to be grateful for.