Don’t Let Cancer Hold You Back – Tips To Handle It

Cancer patients are accustomed to receiving advices from people around them. About nutrition, general tips or medical advice such as overcoming nausea from chemotherapy. As soon as people get to know you have cancer, they tend to try and find a way to help you in their own way. While some of them are encouraging, others seems to be a poor use of your time.

This is the reason why I do not want to give advice as a 31-year-old, cancer patient for over 32 months now. I have received some very touching advices from fellow patients, friends and doctors and they mean a lot to me. I had a marrow transplant four months ago and would like to share want I learned from my journey.

6 Strategies To Cope With Cancer:

Find the cancer community and share your experience with them, this may sound a little odd at first, but once you take the plunge, you will be overwhelmed to hear some heartfelt stories that you can relate to.

Something surprising had happened to me when I joined a cancer support group in New York. For the first time I found out that I am not the only one that suffers from lonely night.  Somehow it is comforting to know other amazing people experiencing the same thing and at some point gives you a level of encouragement.

I have also turned to the Internet and found a virtual Cancer network, but to me a face-to-face interaction cannot be substituted with an online one. My two closest friends now I met at the same treating hospital and though we do not talk about cancer all the time, we know that each other is available whenever needed.

Eradicate The Clutter

The moment you realize that you have cancer, there is so much information streaming in to your head, in a way you feel all messed up on the inside. Sometimes, we even lose the enthusiasm to do household chores and end up with pileup of laundry, email, unanswered phone calls and more. De-cluttering is very important and what you need to do is to get rid of unnecessary clutter from your surroundings.

You could arrange a mini cleaning session and when you clear and settle things up you will certainly feel better and this brings a lot of difference to your perception.

Give Yourself A Break

Sometimes people hate themselves for having cancer, and try to punish their body by not eating food, or even bathing often. Do not punish yourself, because things cannot change if you do. Instead of being harsh and judgmental on yourself, try to relax and take one day at a time.

Help Others

People who are sick are always engrossed in themselves making them the centre of attention and think about themselves above all. Try to take focus off yourself and care about people around you. You will notice that the more you socialize with people and help them; that you will start to feel better on the inside.

Don’t Let Cancer Kill Your Dreams

Everybody has an ambition, and we all work towards it. But the moment you realize that you have cancer, you’re ready to drop all your dreams and wait for death. I urge you to keep working on your dreams. Don’t let Cancer put a hold on your life as well as your dreams; you never know how close you are to your goals.

Written in conjunction with gift ideas blog by Serge, the founder of Edictive.

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