Medical Advice for When Caring for the Elderly

When you require the daily use of an assistive device, such as an electric chair lift, there are several options available. Depending on the level of support and mobility that you require, you will be able to find a variety of chair lifts that work the best in your individual circumstances.

The main function of these electric devices is to assist in the raising or lowering of patients into a sitting or standing position, allowing users to go about their day without requiring almost daily assistance from friends or family members. Whether you are looking for a standard, bare bones chair with limited functions, or a top of the line model that features a range of movements plus massage and heat functions, there are many great manufacturers of electric chair lifts to choose from.

Chair Lift Options for:

Mobility Scooters

Anyone who has watched television recently most likely has seen the commercials from The Scooter Store, which is among one of the top choices for the purchasing of chair lifts. The Scooter Store specializes in supplying a wide variety of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, as well as related medical supplies. If you decide to shop for a chair lift, The Scooter Store offers a vast range of assistive devices.

When shopping here, you will have peace of mind knowing that the store is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc., the gold standard in accreditation for electric wheelchairs and motor scooters. Sold within a variety of retail outlets, the Scooter Store additionally complies with Medicare and health insurance standards, making the owning of a power chair more affordable for the everyday user.

Manual, Luxury Power, Recreational and Sports Wheelchairs

If you are searching for a wheelchair and chair lift manufacturer that features a large selection of manual wheelchairs, luxury power wheelchairs, recreational wheelchairs, or even sports wheelchairs, the selections found at Invacare may offer just what you are looking for. The product offerings at Invacare truly feature something for all walks of life.

The Invacare line of manual wheelchairs is perfect for those individuals looking for assistance while traveling to and from shopping centers and special events, whereas the high-end Invacare offerings feature fully electronic power chairs for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. For the sports minded individual, Invacare additionally features rugged and durable wheelchair offerings for use in playing basketball, tennis, hand cycling, and other sports.

Travel Chairs

Another of the top manufactures of electric chair lifts and wheelchairs is Pride Mobility, a leader in the manufacturing of travel mobility scooters, versatile wheelchairs, and chair lifts. Among one of the most popular choices within the Pride Mobility line of scooters and wheelchairs is the Jazzy power chair, a lightweight, versatile, zippy little chair that makes mobility a breeze and truly allows the user to be able to get up and go wherever life takes them.

Pride Mobility also features travel chairs that are ideal for the traveler who requires a bit more assistance while on vacation with their family, allowing them to easily pack up the chair and store it in a vehicle, train, or airplane.

Deciding on the best type of electric chair lift, fully electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, or travel power chairs is a decision that is best reached when the topic is fully discussed with your physician.

Depending on the type of assistive device needed, you may have several options available for purchase and you will want to take enough time to fully research each brand and model prior to deciding on the one you will purchase. Make sure to ask about financing options as well as the option to use your medical insurance to purchase your new assistive device.

Freelance writer Sarah Smith provides quality suggestions for how to decide on the right chair lift, which is something she learned when purchasing a chair lift for her elderly Grandmother from Williams Lift Co in NJ.

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